As you all know, the activity on this blog is scarce! We are trying to not let that happen again! Although, we won't be on here as much as we liked, we will still upload more blogs and pictures and do the Spotlights about once a month. Since we all have much catching up to do, how is everyone? Any big plans made for the summer? Let me know what kind of nails you would like to see!
Guess what? No really...guess what? WE ARE BACK ON THE WEBSITE! We have decided to re-open the website for all you lovely people, and even we missed having the website. We had a bit of a rough time last go around on the website...but we are back and ready to go. Please...recheck the criteria page and check out the Nail gallery! Halloween nails have been posted...GET EXCITED PEOPLE! 
Lovely Kenzie however is going to be a bit stricter on all of you guys....remember that we DO block people, and when Kenzie decides to intervene, its serious.
ANYWAYS...we are back, and we love you all...old fans and new! <3
Hello all. Its Kenzie and Katie here with tragic news. Bored Child, also know as Kimzy died in a car crash with her baby. This blog is dedicated to her. May she watch over us. We all know it won't be the same without her. If you recall, her photo was on the 'star of the week' page first. That lovely angel is in heaven now. Rest her soul.
Her car was hit by a drunk driver. it was reported as a hit and run, and only her boyfriend Alex is in the hospital recovering.
We dedicate this in honor of her. She was only 19...
"A soul lost at an old age disappears in the wind while the one lost young lingers in the breeze."
"Lives are forgotten, but memories are forever"
"Dreams are made of wonderful things, and when your time is up, the wonderful things fly away to fill the minds of another."

Please, leave a comment and show your respects. Even a 

Hey all! Its Kenzie...not your usual blogger but today I will be blogging! haha!
So, maybe you noticed that the comment amount keeps dropping. Well, we brought you fan art and spotlight as OUR ideas, and we want to hear your ideas!
We won't ever leave or shut down the website, even if you all are gone. we are dedicated. Remember that.
So i want to ask some questions. Comment your answers!
Fave nail polish brand?
Fave polish color?
Best nail blog you have ever seen?
Best youtube polish designer?
Fave song on our website?
Changes to the site you'd make?
Are you impressed with our website?
Fave nails on katie's page?
Valentine's crush name/wish?

Ok! Thanks guys! We love you all! Bye!!!

This is a short blog...heads up!
So weebly had a weird issue and it was an unexpected hack so that was the reason the blog was screwed. Lucky for us, we are back on track! For now...
~Magna~Carta~ has taken her rightful winners spot this week! Congrads to her! If you haven't won, try again this time! odds may be in your favor!
And also, the newest nails will be up tomorrow! yay for those!
Kenzie and i have been really busy so patrolling possibly may be be your best!!
Now, what nail ideas do you have? Comment! A longer blog will be updated next week! remember to comment and up your chance to win!
Magna Carta was the winner for our blog spotlight..but maybhe you noticed bored child was still up.
There was a huge technical crash, and so we will only be able to have this little blog post.
DO NOT COMMENT...we believes that you may take part in a huge viral virus chain.
Our next blog will most likely be late...and magna carta's page is in the making.
Greetings loved ones! How is everybody? Great, I hope. I'm sure you all
noticed that Bored Child has one the spotlight of the week! Please check out her
page! We've decided to cut down how long the spotlight from 2 weeks to 1 week so
more people have a chance at winning it. As you all might know, my birthday is
this Friday! I am super excited that it will be my last teenage year! Anywho,
what would you all like me to do on my nails? I still plan on doing cherry
blossoms, as promised, when springtime comes around. What kind of Valentine's
Day, Mardi Gras, or St. Patty's Day nails should I do? Remember, I'm always,
always, always open to nail suggestions! :)
Now, time to start officially blogging! My favorite polishes are Wet'N'Wild, Sally Hansen, Pure Ice, Jordanna, L.A. Colors and Revlon. I don't own any O.P.I. Or China Glaze, though I hear they are wonderful nail polishes.
I really like to get my nail polishes from Walmart, K-mart and Dollar Tree. 

Well, tell me...where do you buy your polish?
Hey guys! Its been a pretty slow week for me...what about you? Well, while the real world has been slow, the world of nailed to polish is waiting for you!
Maybe you took notice to the extra page titled spotlight? No? Well then maybe the title of the blog?
We are introducing a new feature where you are the 2 week star or of nailed to polish, and you get to call the shots on your very own page! Now, how do you become the star? comment! Its not who has the most comments, but the order matters. I, Lovely Kenzie, will use a number generator and pick a number from it! Then, for instance, if you are comment number 25, you have won! Sounds cool right?
You know what else is cool? The new nails in Katie's nail gallery! We are talking peacock nail designs to look like feathers! Maybe you should try and submit your nails to our fan art page...
On the subject...please no more fake art. I have about had it with google nails guys.
Well, say hello to our youtube channel as well! Look up NailedToPolish and subscribe!
Well then, tata for now!
Happy New Year Everyone!!!

As you all know, the holiday season has
ended and it is a new year! This year I am up to the challenges that come my
way. Including my nail polish designs! I am also extremely flattered that my
blog was the most skyrocketed websites of 2011! That wouldn't be possible if all
of you lovely people didn't discover and suggest to friends! Thank you so much!

Anywho, how was your holiday season? What did you do or get? I would
love to know. I would also like to know what you think I should do on my nails
for my birthday! It's coming up real fast! In 15 days to be exact! Let me know
all of your suggestions please! Love you all!

Seasons greetings from nailed to polish! This is The last blog of the year! It's amazing
the support you all have given us, and we can't believe how far we have come.
Thank you all for putting up with us ;)
Merry christmas and a happy new year to you and your family from nailed to
love you all!

And be on the lookout for our tumblr…more on it next year!