Greetings loved ones! How is everybody? Great, I hope. I'm sure you all
noticed that Bored Child has one the spotlight of the week! Please check out her
page! We've decided to cut down how long the spotlight from 2 weeks to 1 week so
more people have a chance at winning it. As you all might know, my birthday is
this Friday! I am super excited that it will be my last teenage year! Anywho,
what would you all like me to do on my nails? I still plan on doing cherry
blossoms, as promised, when springtime comes around. What kind of Valentine's
Day, Mardi Gras, or St. Patty's Day nails should I do? Remember, I'm always,
always, always open to nail suggestions! :)
Now, time to start officially blogging! My favorite polishes are Wet'N'Wild, Sally Hansen, Pure Ice, Jordanna, L.A. Colors and Revlon. I don't own any O.P.I. Or China Glaze, though I hear they are wonderful nail polishes.
I really like to get my nail polishes from Walmart, K-mart and Dollar Tree. 

Well, tell me...where do you buy your polish?
bored child
01/17/2012 22:44

lol yup thats me! WINNERRR

hannah stone
01/17/2012 22:45

and i like the orange nailz on ur page. nicely done!!
I ate a longhorn last week....hehe

Briallire <3
01/17/2012 22:49

vous heureux gagnant vous! haha
Alors, j'ai eu une idée à clous ... un arbre ... avec de la neige.

Retina Marjarrer
01/17/2012 22:53

haha je savais qu'elle allait gagner! Je veux gagner ... mais je dois être paciente. haha

Cherry Pie
01/17/2012 22:54

so, i am hearin that acyrilic nailz r all the rage! lol peeps r painting their nails with it!

bored child
01/17/2012 22:55

ikr! i did rose ones...the vid is on the spotlight page!
welll, i hate to say bye...but I have a taxi to get in and a plane to jamaica 2 catch!
<3 <3

Nazi Warrior
01/17/2012 22:57

do nails with roses...or a red flowerr

X apeal
01/17/2012 22:58

sooo anywayz i think its crazy but it seems rose nail polish designs r gettin roses if u can

01/17/2012 22:59

soo i found a bunch of awesome songz and i found a new nail new fave! Iz called iron green!
And I dyed my hair! lol.
anyways....i am up to date on all trendz, and rose nails rly r groin popular

The Chosen Child
01/17/2012 23:02

lol long time no seee
anywayz i heard bout the week winner thinger and i had to be a parta it :)
so, do sum red roses...or some flowers. floral stuff is rly in

Zoe :)
01/17/2012 23:03

anywayz i had an weather haz been acting up round a black base....grey puffy top, and then a yellow a bolt.
an thunder cloud!!!

lol princess
01/17/2012 23:05

i wanna see sum cow nails....seriously....i rly

01/17/2012 23:07

I jus recently bought sum china laze, and it dries SO FAST, the colors are so smooth and light...and u dont even needa second coat!!
I recomend buying it!!

01/17/2012 23:07

I jus recently bought sum china laze, and it dries SO FAST, the colors are so smooth and light...and u dont even needa second coat!!
I recomend buying it!!

Alyssia Xavad
01/17/2012 23:08

omg ur page is still up!! u guyz made it!

Bertha is ME
01/17/2012 23:09

ive tried rose nails guys, they aint too easy

01/17/2012 23:10

ikr...but who may be easy 4 katie

Princess Seascape
01/17/2012 23:11

lol heyyyyy nexxt winner right here!!

try boat lil boats on water!! lol i am in cheerleading an we are the i always do boat submitten them!!!

Willow Washy
01/17/2012 23:16

heyy all! made a full recovery!!
lol and ive been kinda busy...but im back to my simple pleasurs!
so...ide like ta see sum rose nails...and i LOVE THE ABSTRACT NAILS!!

Yours Truly, Katie.
01/17/2012 23:19

You have no idea how glad we are that you made a full recovery! Welcome back! :) and thank you!

Show stopper!
01/17/2012 23:20

Nice nice..its a small site but eh it'll do.

Nazi Warrior
01/17/2012 23:22

eh? What duz that mean

Candy Shoppe
01/17/2012 23:22

hey...can u do like lollypop nails...or candy....iz my weekness :3

01/17/2012 23:24


Cherri Bonbon
01/17/2012 23:25

Hey! Je me marie dans deux mois! Ahhh!
Je voulais juste pop par et dire salut!

Show Stopper
01/17/2012 23:30

iz ther even anyone here? That like even works here? or os this jus a girl behind her computer?

caroline brunner
01/17/2012 23:32

I nevr comment, i look at the nails, and i read the blogs n see people like u waitin to starta fight.

Mindy Tail
01/17/2012 23:33

lol so what about city nail? like tall buildings on ur nails...or a monument...eiffel tower!

01/17/2012 23:35

lol the french would like this idea:
do french flagz...i like the colors. haha

Cherri Bobon
01/17/2012 23:36

Faites quelques drapeaux!

Yours Truly, Katie.
01/17/2012 23:36

There will be absolutely no fighting tolerated. At all. Those of you who have been with us from the beginning know this and respect that. Please check our Criteria Page.

Show Stopper
01/17/2012 23:37

so whooz fighting? Seemz like ur pickin one with me.

show stopper
01/17/2012 23:41

i DONT NEED a warning.
ur stupid...all uv yall r.
leave me be!

01/17/2012 23:42

ur not serious r u?

Briallire &lt;3
01/17/2012 23:47

votre fou

01/17/2012 23:42

<3 the new nails! Cool as always girlz!

Goddess of Love
01/17/2012 23:50

Ancient greek inspired nails would be great!

01/17/2012 23:50

lol i jus noticed how close the 20th is ! congrats!

Yours Truly, Katie.
01/17/2012 23:51

If you are going to spew out negativity, then leave my website. And get an attitude adjustment not only for you, but for the sake of others. Have a good day.

Show Stopper
01/17/2012 23:53

hold up >:(
iz night time lol
u cant even tell the time a day

Papaya Lover
01/17/2012 23:52

lol i luv luv luv the purple abstract nails! Imma do them in the morning!! they match my new top from Macy's!

Tasty Orange
01/17/2012 23:55

welll u kno i want to see orange nails! lol and I have heard this song in forver 21 before....funny!
and i do like the purple nails!
and also....i would love to see an attempt on ur rose nails...even if they r bad u tried for us! :)

01/18/2012 00:06

hey :)
So i am a soon-to-be nail blogger, and I was wondering if you had any tips you could give me!
I am totally in love with your idea of the fan art page!!!
Nice work!

01/18/2012 00:08

quick question...y don't we see that other girl on here as much?

Lovely Kenzie
01/18/2012 00:13

haha well i am flattered you took notice to my constant absence...but I tend to deal with more tech issues, and i am the one who bans people (and I have a feeling I may have to in a few moments.) and keeps you all safe :)
Plus, I have extremely low nail polish talent!
Ta ta!

Yours Truly, Katie.
01/18/2012 00:11

I would suggest you be nice to your 'followers', don't tolerate mean people, don't copy any blogs or put up fake things and just have fun! :)

01/18/2012 00:15

Thanks for the tips! Happy blogging! Oh, and you'll see me time to time..I can't wait to see your new nails!

Show Stopper
01/18/2012 00:16

can we get better music up in here? ;P

01/18/2012 00:16

good luck. -_-

Yours Truly, Katie.
01/18/2012 00:20

Keep in mind that this is MY blog, and I have it set up how I like it. Including music, pictures and everything else on here. If you want better music, then listen to something else or turn the music down on the site. I'm sorry to be rude about this, but I like the music.

Show Stopper
01/18/2012 00:22

u hav no
sooooo r there any gamez on the site to play

01/18/2012 00:25

ur asking to die!!! here comes the death sentance!!!!!

Show Stopper
01/18/2012 00:26

so......wats to do then....jus talk about nails? games? no youtube vids?

Yours Truly, Katie.
01/18/2012 00:28

If you aren't satisfied, then leave. You have no obligation to stay.

Show Stopper
01/18/2012 00:31

nah i dont wanna leave...not yet anywayz
can i be on the spotlight page?

Hannah Stone
01/18/2012 00:35

goodnight guys!
brb till dawn! haha

Show Stopper
01/18/2012 00:35

urgh nooo i wanna stayyy and can i like rig it by piutting like 50 comments?
u kno....u all need stuff to do on this blog....its not apealing to 12 year olds like meee

Yours Truly, Katie.
01/18/2012 00:37

We decide if you can stay or not. You are inching your way closer and closer to being banned.

Yours Truly, Katie.
01/18/2012 00:43

Your comment is just plain stupid. You obviously don't get it. This is strictly a nail blog. Not Everything in the whole wide world. You are far to young to be staying up this late on a school night. I suggest you go to bed, stay in school and never return to this site again. Have a successful life. :)

Yours Truly, Katie.
01/18/2012 00:50

Honey, I wish the best for you. Goodnight!

Lovely Kenzie
01/18/2012 00:51

Yet another display of childish acts. She was banned, just as you will be if you act up.
Its time we grow up.


01/18/2012 00:54


01/18/2012 01:02


Yours Truly, Katie.
01/18/2012 01:05

Hello love! Everyone, this is my other cousin.

Cherry Pie
01/18/2012 00:58

Fact: katie deals with the punks
Opinion: katie is good at it
Fact: kenzie doesn't comment as much
Opinion: when she does, shits gettin serious

01/18/2012 01:01

OMG!!!! LOL~i just imagined my name on the spotlight page!!!!!

Tasty Orange
01/18/2012 19:52

in ur dreamz. imma win!!! <3

01/18/2012 19:56

yayeuh rightt

01/18/2012 20:00

Hav you heard of LA art deco bronze?
I have been trying to find it....but I can't! Just my luck right?

01/18/2012 20:04

Mardi gras nails....hmm....i have an idea
a mask!!!

01/18/2012 20:04

good idea....

Yours Truly, Katie.
01/18/2012 20:06

I find L.A. Colors Art Deco at our dollar stores. The only other places I know where to find it would be on their website.

Cherry Pie
01/19/2012 13:52

random...whats ur fave color...for polish?

Yours Truly, Katie.
01/19/2012 15:00

You know, it's really hard for me to pick different colors when I paint my nails. I love red and I try to find anything that will go with it. Other than that, I tend to stick to blues, purples, teals, black and rararely pink.

01/20/2012 21:04

happppy birrtthhhdayy

X Apeal
01/20/2012 21:04


01/20/2012 21:05

i wanna see some birthday nailz!!
Have a good one!

Yours Truly, Katie.
01/21/2012 02:38

Thank you guys! And I was so busy this week with birthday things, I didn't have time to redo my nails! Sorry! I might do one hand when I have freetime fir you guys and then take it off and do a different design. I had an amazing time tonight! I went to the Eric Church and Brantley Gilbert concert! :)

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