Happy New Year Everyone!!!

As you all know, the holiday season has
ended and it is a new year! This year I am up to the challenges that come my
way. Including my nail polish designs! I am also extremely flattered that my
blog was the most skyrocketed websites of 2011! That wouldn't be possible if all
of you lovely people didn't discover and suggest to friends! Thank you so much!

Anywho, how was your holiday season? What did you do or get? I would
love to know. I would also like to know what you think I should do on my nails
for my birthday! It's coming up real fast! In 15 days to be exact! Let me know
all of your suggestions please! Love you all!

01/04/2012 21:53

Hey! I'm new to the blog world...lol and I'd like to introduce myself. I'm libby...real name Lizabeth.
So i just wanna say as a blogger ur site is so professional! and those nails make it unique!
and BTW, veronica's list thing sent me here!

Yours Truly, Katie.
01/04/2012 21:54

Thank you! And welcome to the site! :)

hannah stone
01/04/2012 21:55


Papaya Lover
01/04/2012 21:56

My boyfriend got me a big stuffed teddy bear with a pink bow...and it has nail polish in the basket it was holdin...he musta been creepin on my phone and saw this site.

bored child
01/04/2012 21:59

i got a new kindle....hehe
and lol omg I got a box of nail polish!!!

01/04/2012 22:01

I got a puppy and I named her Devil...becuz she looks like an angel!!!
and also...can I put a nail polish request in?

Yours Truly, Katie.
01/04/2012 22:03

Go for it! I'm open to suggestions!

His Darlin'
01/04/2012 22:03

lol hey..I saw this on valerie's famous weebly lis..and I tracked ya!
found ya!
and I LOVE nail blogz...imma sucker.

dead silence
01/04/2012 22:04

i got eyeliner.
blue eye shadow
a pet chichila
and new pocket knife
fake blood in a bag
"Drag Me To Hell" movie
red nail polish

bored child
01/04/2012 22:13

you scare me

Bertha is ME
01/04/2012 22:09

my friend make a 5 foot poster about me and what makes me unique and near the middle she like printed out your banner at the top with ur pic and the pan and put it in the middle near my name...and i realized u make me...me.
its weird...i feel so relieved to come home to my web family...

Tasty Orange
01/04/2012 22:12

haha wellll lol my user name is after my fave fruit...and color...spo my mom painted my room orange n I got every shade of orange sally hansen

Retina Marjarrer
01/04/2012 22:17

Cette chanson ... elle a été l'un que j'ai entendu en Amérique. C'est un classique. J'aime Iris.

Briallire &lt;3
01/04/2012 22:18

J'aime la chanson à!

Briallire &lt;3
01/04/2012 22:22

Ça fait longtemps qu'on ne s'est pas vu. haha. J'ai remarqué le format blog a changé. Ses modernes. J'adore l'idée ... mais quelque chose me dit que vous n'avez pas. haha. Happy New Year!
China Glaze....american oui?

lol princess
01/04/2012 22:27

i got a LOT of makeup...idk y....i already have too much...
lol and i love love love this song!!!

Yours Truly, Katie.
01/04/2012 22:28

For crying out loud!!! There will be NO, AND I MEAN NO, cyber bullying on my site. I will not have it!!!

01/04/2012 22:31

I am ignoring that....
and ive never heard this song before...i like!
and I never hav gotten cool stuff for christmas...i can proudly say I got rainbow socks and a few cool tshirts lol

Candy Shoppe
01/04/2012 22:35

sry sry...i have been bad and i havent checked in latley. haha
well i got a lot for christmas...but really the best was my dad came home from the army for christmas and he is here to stay!!!!!!
and some tie dye hair things..and bell bottoms...imm liek stuck in the 70s haha

Yours Truly, Katie.
01/04/2012 22:38

Sorry the REAL bored child. My dear, we have taken care of them for you. We were iffy on them anyways. I knew you wouldn't say something like that.

Sounds like you all got awesome things for christmas!! I got LOTS of nail polish, the Marilyn Monroe and James Dean poster and a few other things. :)

bored child
01/04/2012 22:54

phew thank god

Lovely Kenzie
01/04/2012 22:39

Please...have we not shoved past our old ways of cyber bullies? Please maintain yourselves...its a new year...lets start fresh.

01/04/2012 22:55

guess who got a new pair of shoes for christmas!!! ahh! lol i did! green custom uggs...not an ugly green...like a pinetree green...lol

Yours Truly, Katie.
01/04/2012 22:55

Nails are up! Have a little peek at them!

bored child
01/04/2012 23:07


bored child
01/04/2012 23:07


Nazi Warrior
01/04/2012 23:06

i got some cool things..but we finally payed off our billz for the holidays! lol it was exciting.
soo i got a lil extra money and a bought the most amazing shirt...it has like a bunch of little gold designes and horeshoes...and i bought sum boots!

01/04/2012 23:08

hey katie....'kenzie' said to say hi...so hi :)
and n i c e nails...lol

Mindy Tail
01/04/2012 23:09

<3 i got a fishin boat...a lil thing to take out on the inter coastal of florida....hehe lol

Willow Washy
01/04/2012 23:12

4 christmas, i got a big slap of snow in my face. I opened the door to go to a christmas party, and ice slid off the roof and i looked up, and SLAP. so...hola frum the hospital intensive care unit room 433 if anyone wants to come lol

...but now I hav a bunch of balloons....and chocolate...haha

01/04/2012 23:15

omg i am so sorryyy!!!

Yours Truly, Katie.
01/04/2012 23:18

Oh my goodness!!! I hope you heal fast!! What a sucky way to celebrate.

Yours Truly, Katie.
01/04/2012 23:22

Also, if I could, I would come visit you and do your nails for you to make you feel better! :)

01/04/2012 23:18

hey...i noticed yall had all ur fame n stuff...so whats ur secret? got tips> because OH YEAH...maybe u saw i was on the list...lol lol yeah. check my blog. its time to bash poor people!'
i like competiton...lets play it friendly.

bored child
01/04/2012 23:22

hah. FYI u copied and deserve to hav ur blog shut down. i saw that blog post.

01/04/2012 23:25

EVERYONE VISIT http://www.fingersdipped.weebly.com

01/04/2012 23:28

mmhhhmmm i be gettin money fo the holidayz an i be gettin so much jeans n jewelry mmmhmmm

bored child
01/04/2012 23:28

no really do tell me....are you black?

01/04/2012 23:29

really..id never guessed

01/04/2012 23:30

hmm lemme think...i got an ipod shuffle...the new tocuh screen one in baby blue!
and lol i lubv the new years nails!!!
mine were orange n ugly

tasty orange
01/04/2012 23:32

c'mon people! orange is so pretty!!!

Saw 5 the revenge of saw in five forms!
01/04/2012 23:36

i got a bunch of old classic movies lol
i like em tho

princess seascape
01/04/2012 23:39

i hav on 2012 nailthat look like urs!!

01/04/2012 23:44

nwo i be sure thatz every1 haz new years nailz lol

01/04/2012 23:43


bored child
01/04/2012 23:47

ok...we are good people....and im used to this...everyone remain calm...and everyone breathe

hannah stone
01/04/2012 23:47

and no one freak out..it makes it worse

Yours Truly, Katie.
01/04/2012 23:51

Thank you Gianna, and thank you everyone else for not freaking out on us. We knew something was up. One of our tech guys discovered that lexia veil, andy morinth, totall lace, and Macy May are all the same person. We are working on this. Just remain calm. It's nothing to fret about. :)

Willow Washy
01/04/2012 23:55

well, now i'm not bored! an i wont freek, its like bein on the site helps me make sure i dont...lol

Terri Clark
01/04/2012 23:52

uh,,,hey,,,i hav been on the site and i look at ur fan art n nails a lot :) but..ill make a formal intro when this mess is overr..lol...

lil poetry angel
01/05/2012 00:03

lol good plan

Briallire &lt;3
01/05/2012 00:04

pourquoi ne pas les Américains ont leurs têtes sur droite? vous êtes tous fous! Cependant, il est amusant de regarder cela. haha. ce qu'est un twister complot!

Retina Marjarrer
01/05/2012 00:05

D'accord. Comment bizarre. Vous savez, il se glisse ne sont pas trop nombreux au Canada. ou en France. ironique

Briallire &lt;3
01/05/2012 00:10

Drindai! Vous êtes venu! Je vous ai dit ces blogs américains étaient chauds!

Briallire &lt;3
01/05/2012 00:13

oui ... surtout pour rafraîchir mon anglais. haha. Il vaut la peine. Ils sont des blogs très agréable.

Yours Truly, Katie.
01/05/2012 00:12

Welcome! We now have everything fixed!

Terri Clark
01/05/2012 00:17

phew lol.
soo my name is Terri...clark aint my last name but i aint spewin that on the internett lol
and i am 17....and imma sucker 4 romance movies lol....
and i suck at paintin nails..i jus like to look at every1's inspiration n stuff

bored child
01/05/2012 00:19

yawn i tired lol brb till tomoarrow

nazi warrior
01/05/2012 00:20


willow washy
01/05/2012 00:20

i gotta finish surgery in an hour anyway lol byyee

01/05/2012 15:48

Nail question:
Is it best to buy polish with sparkles or buy polish and a sparkly coat seperate??

Yours Truly, Katie.
01/05/2012 16:25

There's really no difference, just that if you bought a sparkly top coat, you would have more options on what to put it over.

Papaya lover
01/05/2012 15:50

I attempted ur nailz fer rubix cubes lol...

Yours Truly, Katie.
01/05/2012 16:26

Great! Send them to the fan art! If you wish.

01/05/2012 15:51

Do nails inspired by cards...like a white base, one hand red the other black...numbers...aces...spades...

Jason de'evon
01/05/2012 15:52

Hahey lol still lookin pretty
Anyyywaayyysss my sis likes ur site but is a lil worried to join (shy lol) so she says hi

Bored child
01/05/2012 18:52

idk if this is a question to ask u but where can I get polish at it's cheapest???

Yours Truly, Katie.
01/05/2012 19:49

You can get L.A. Colors at any dollar store, you can get Wet'N'Wild at Walmart (it's cheapest there), K-Mart... That's pretty much where I get all my colors.

Nazi Warrior
01/05/2012 21:02


01/05/2012 21:03

I <3 IT!!! Is so japanese influenced!!!!

Yours Truly, Katie.
01/05/2012 22:04

We were just trying a change. :) Plus, this looks much more professional!

Yours Truly, Katie.
01/06/2012 18:56

Ok, now this isn't as big as a problem before but we are still getting fake fan art submissions. Please, we want to see what YOU can create. Not find off the internet.

bored child
01/06/2012 19:02

serriously? i thought we all grew outta that

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