Hello all. Its Kenzie and Katie here with tragic news. Bored Child, also know as Kimzy died in a car crash with her baby. This blog is dedicated to her. May she watch over us. We all know it won't be the same without her. If you recall, her photo was on the 'star of the week' page first. That lovely angel is in heaven now. Rest her soul.
Her car was hit by a drunk driver. it was reported as a hit and run, and only her boyfriend Alex is in the hospital recovering.
We dedicate this in honor of her. She was only 19...
"A soul lost at an old age disappears in the wind while the one lost young lingers in the breeze."
"Lives are forgotten, but memories are forever"
"Dreams are made of wonderful things, and when your time is up, the wonderful things fly away to fill the minds of another."

Please, leave a comment and show your respects. Even a 

Tasty Orange
03/13/2012 19:25

<3 :( she was pretttyyy....

03/13/2012 19:26

goodbye....katie and kenzie
nuthin personal...i just cant stand to kno she loved this site...and now she is gone...its painful...
good luck in life dear friends

Willow Washy
03/13/2012 19:27

"Death is only the door to a new beginning."

she won't b forgotten

03/13/2012 19:32

let her rot with the beautiful angels an demons </3
whatta sad shame :(

Nazi Warrior
03/13/2012 19:35

no way!
no thats soooooooo sad!!!!!!!!!
;( wahhhh she will be missed... :(

Hannah Stone
03/13/2012 19:36

i started to cry.....the music made it worse...but its appropriate.
"God takes angels from earth when they have earned it. he never does it to punish."

Zoe :(
03/13/2012 19:39

Uhm...wow.....this is shocking....i...i don't....aw :(
I hate to down this even more, but my little sister amber passed away as well. The cancer has taken her from my family...I didn't keep my promise as I wanted to send her to disney before she died.....
:( this was last week....my angel is gone. Take care of her Kimzy. Please... <3

03/13/2012 19:41

I am soooo sorryz ;(

lol princess
03/13/2012 19:41

:( <3
"Life is precious: but it must end."

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