As you all know, the activity on this blog is scarce! We are trying to not let that happen again! Although, we won't be on here as much as we liked, we will still upload more blogs and pictures and do the Spotlights about once a month. Since we all have much catching up to do, how is everyone? Any big plans made for the summer? Let me know what kind of nails you would like to see!
06/09/2013 21:50

YOU'RE BACK! <3 omg omg omfgggg.

Yours Truly, Katie.
06/09/2013 21:52

Yes we are!! Be sure to check out a catch up of my past nails! :)

06/09/2013 22:17

Omg I missed u guyss!

06/09/2013 22:19

Katie! I'm so glad the blog is up and running againn. I looked at the past nails.. love emm. And hi Kenzie you're probably stalk watching..

Briallire &lt;3
06/09/2013 22:20

Katie! Je vous ai manqué! BEAUCOUP! Wow. Je suis heureux que vous soyez de retour! J'aime les clous de galaxies!

Bertha is ME
06/09/2013 22:22

I remember you guyss. jeez it's been forever.

Beanie Caps & Mascara
06/09/2013 22:25

I thought we'd never here from you all again! xx :( glad you're back

Nia Remour
06/09/2013 22:29

Mon Dieu. Combien de temps at-il été? ne nous laissez pas. Vous nous avez manqué beaucoup. J'adore votre blog! Ceci est mon site préféré. Toujours. J'aime la conception de Noël.

hannah stone
06/09/2013 22:30


Mindy Tail
06/09/2013 22:37

awhh guys our babies are homee! Hi Katie (:

Yours Truly, Katie.
06/09/2013 22:39

Hopefully we can keep up with it! :) That's why we chose the once a month thing.

06/09/2013 22:41

i didnt think u were coming back :( yayayayyayaayyayay

06/09/2013 22:45

Cool! J'aime les ongles!

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