This is a short blog...heads up!
So weebly had a weird issue and it was an unexpected hack so that was the reason the blog was screwed. Lucky for us, we are back on track! For now...
~Magna~Carta~ has taken her rightful winners spot this week! Congrads to her! If you haven't won, try again this time! odds may be in your favor!
And also, the newest nails will be up tomorrow! yay for those!
Kenzie and i have been really busy so patrolling possibly may be be your best!!
Now, what nail ideas do you have? Comment! A longer blog will be updated next week! remember to comment and up your chance to win!
01/31/2012 23:01

Américains! Les cheveux bizarre!
Eh bien, je suis nouveau. J'aime les ongles ... pas de cheveux qui gosse.

Retina Marjarrer
01/31/2012 23:05

J'ai vu pire. Violet avec les points noirs.
Eh bien, je veux voir quelques à ongles vert.

Cherry Pie
01/31/2012 23:05

Do more abstract nails. i reeeeely liked the purple ones.
and holy sh*t you hav cool hair dude hahah

Briallire <3
01/31/2012 23:06

Les cheveux ont été ....... expressif.
Quoi qu'il en soit ...
J'ai vraiment envie de voir quelques clous Valentines!

Retina Marjarrer
01/31/2012 23:08

Valentines! cœurs! Roses! Candy!
Briallire idée parfaite!

Briallire <3
01/31/2012 23:08

Je suis intelligent:)

01/31/2012 23:09

lol i look peeerty smexy on that page lololol
and thanks fer the hair comment lmao

01/31/2012 23:10

Je ne peux pas croire que tu teints tes cheveux comme ça.

01/31/2012 23:11

we need some valentines nails up girly!
its practically feb.

01/31/2012 23:11

...nice song choice magna carta...

01/31/2012 23:12

aint it great? Its like so retro love with modern flare.

Princess Seascape
01/31/2012 23:13

cant wait fer tomorrows nails!
see u then!

bored child
01/31/2012 23:22

woah magna carta points for bein unique hahaha
and i never pictured u like that....
and i heard that boys song once.
i changed the radio.

lol princess
01/31/2012 23:23

at least one of us is sane.

Tasty Orange
01/31/2012 23:23

dye your hair orange lyk meee ;3

01/31/2012 23:24

well ~magna~carta~ your hair choice suprised me.
as does the nails on duh nail blog. cute. not too bad really

01/31/2012 23:26

heyyyyyyy i like the nails.....but imma thinkin u need to make sum punk nails. like the ones on magna carta's page. i been creeping on the internet and i need more gothic it here?

01/31/2012 23:27

u best be goin gone wid those ideas katie dont do no cool punk shiittt really i mean ya if she wanna u can ask but idk if she wiill u no?

Hannah Stone
01/31/2012 23:28

I think you should try that sponge technique. Do you know what i'm talking about?
Is it called that?

willow washy
01/31/2012 23:29

is nail polish all the same jus different brands?
for instance is whats in the sally hansen bottle the same as china glaze or is there a legit difference?

Yours Truly, Katie.
01/31/2012 23:42

The only difference I can think of would be the quality of the ingredients.

01/31/2012 23:31

anyone hav good nail ideas?

hannah stone
01/31/2012 23:32


Briallire <3
01/31/2012 23:32

le google.

Bored Child
01/31/2012 23:32


Cherry Pie
01/31/2012 23:33

ur mom

01/31/2012 23:33

who loves my page!!

01/31/2012 23:35

haha...i feel somethin for it...

Zoe :)
01/31/2012 23:36

'typical rich kid?'

Retina Marjarrer
01/31/2012 23:39

Je suis d'accord. c'est snob. Mais bon .... qui écoute la jeune française?

01/31/2012 23:41

who's the star?

01/31/2012 23:43

so i am obviously new here lol and i wondered...can a 11 year old join u all?
I'm not going ta be annoying lol lol
and i have a few friends with me and they said they'd join too if they could when they get home...
sleepover! no school tomorrow!

Lovely Kenzie
01/31/2012 23:53

By all means, welcome sammi!
All are welcome...but we ban if shinanagins are played.
And that comment above is in fact's a color error :)

Bored Child
01/31/2012 23:44

ugh the word school makes me tired.
welcome btw.
goodnight all!

Hannah Stone
01/31/2012 23:45

count me in!!

Nazi Warrior
01/31/2012 23:46

suprises at every corner!
hair, music...nickname!
nose ring!
lol and i'm with the comments above me.
i want valentines nails and i am also tired lmao gooddniighhtt!!

X apeal
01/31/2012 23:59

i learned how to make nail polish art...
what color looks best with this to have as a bracelet?

Yours Truly, Katie.
02/01/2012 16:21

I would say either blue, pink or purple.

Yours Truly, Katie.
02/01/2012 00:07

Sorry guys, I'm extremely tired tonight! I will answer the other questions in the morning! Goodnight!

02/01/2012 16:03

mmm girl i be tired tooo
but iz morning

02/01/2012 16:06

hey katie!
Quick question...but its kind of crazy.
What made you want to do a nail blog?
Not in a disrespectful way, i just wanted to know what made you want to.

Yours Truly, Katie.
02/01/2012 16:15

To be honest, I'm not really sure. It was kind of like a spur of the moment thing. But I'm glad I did it! I never expected to become so popular on this either! :)

02/01/2012 16:15

i submitted nailssss!!!!!!!! lol ;)

02/01/2012 16:15

i just did to.
beat them.
and yes....i did em myself.

Yours Truly, Katie.
02/01/2012 16:22

Slice, we do not tolerate any negativity, competition or arguing.

02/01/2012 17:24

im not negative
It's jus a joke.

02/01/2012 20:37

ugh. fine. it too was a joke.

Yours Truly, Katie.
02/01/2012 20:17

Hey guys! The nails are up! They are both just crackle, but I haven't had much time these past few weeks! I promise I will do a better design for next week! :)

02/01/2012 20:35

we match lol!!

Nazi Warrior
02/01/2012 20:36

i luv crackle its so simple n all but its still really fun and it goes with anything.

02/01/2012 20:38

this is random but has anyone ever made a fb and never used it? Its boring...
anyways lol i have crackle on myyy toes.

bored child
02/02/2012 16:13

My nail polish i JUST BOUGHT is clumpy and all over the sides!!!
What can i do!!

Yours Truly, Katie.
02/02/2012 19:09

Well, you can take nail polish remover and clean up the sides. Then add just a tad at a time to the bottle and shake it up good. Repeat until you find the consistency you want. :)

Yours Truly, Katie.
02/06/2012 18:48

Guess what? We have a new spotlight winner! Congrats to Zoe :)!! E-mail with the details for your page please!

Zoe :)
02/06/2012 19:14

i emailed ya ;)

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