Guess what? No really...guess what? WE ARE BACK ON THE WEBSITE! We have decided to re-open the website for all you lovely people, and even we missed having the website. We had a bit of a rough time last go around on the website...but we are back and ready to go. Please...recheck the criteria page and check out the Nail gallery! Halloween nails have been posted...GET EXCITED PEOPLE! 
Lovely Kenzie however is going to be a bit stricter on all of you guys....remember that we DO block people, and when Kenzie decides to intervene, its serious.
ANYWAYS...we are back, and we love you all...old fans and new! <3
10/08/2012 21:42

I remember coming across this blog... KOVE THE NAILS BTW. ill stick around... :)

Hannah Stone
10/08/2012 21:45


Nigga Bitch
10/08/2012 21:52

wwww I love the nailssss ill stay. U gotcho ass a new membaaaaa

Yours Truly, Katie
10/08/2012 21:54

I am sorry, thank you for enjoying the nails...but the name is a direct violation. please change it.

Yours Truly, Katie.
10/08/2012 23:35

You need to change your username please. I will not tolerate that name or language. If you don't want to change it then please don't comment or you will be banned.

Yours Truly, Katie.
10/08/2012 23:47

I would prefer no 'hoes' or any other bad word please.

Yours Truly, Katie.
10/09/2012 00:04

I suppose. I'm not thrilled but I'll let it slide.

10/08/2012 21:55

I avtually missed u all. Hellllloooo katie. And kenzie. Im sure ur creeping around..

Nazi Warrior
10/08/2012 22:26 are back......I MISSED UUUUUU

Willow Washy
10/08/2012 22:27

Aw Katie! I missed seeing your nails....and aw! SPIDERWEBS! AW! AW! I am so happy your back! u left on a depressing note...

Briallire &lt;3
10/08/2012 22:33

Katie! Je suis tellement heureux de voir que vous êtes de retour. Comment incroyable! Et j'aime les ongles! Toiles d'araignées! COMMENT CLEVER! Et beaucoup de choses ont été se passe dans ma vie. Il est bon de seee i pourrez vous détendre à nouveau. VOUS AIME!

Nia Remour
10/08/2012 22:51

J'avais un ami qui parlait de ce beaucoup. Et j'ai regardé autour. JE PENSE QUE JE SUIS EN AMOUR! Meilleur ongles vernis Blog jamais!

Zoe :)
10/08/2012 22:53

It feels good typing 'Zoe :)" into the name box again...missed you guys. A HELL OF A LOT.

Yours Truly, Katie.
10/08/2012 23:18

Hello guys!! I've missed you all so much!! I'm sorry we left but things got busy and hectic and now things are slowing down. So, we made a comeback!!

hannah stone
10/08/2012 23:44

i missed you!!! VERY MUCH! It was like a dead page!! :(

10/08/2012 23:46

i actually missed the morbid people on the site.

Mindy Tail
10/08/2012 23:49

awww i missed u all. Im off to bed...but ill be creeping around the site later on. I LOVE U ALLL

Stayin Young
10/08/2012 23:55

niceeeee i dint wanna be no creep but i think u ladies are like smoking. Im 17 so i am hoping im in one of ur ranges. lol

Bertha is ME
10/09/2012 00:02

u gotta be damn hot for these girls. nice try fifty year old guy.

Yours Truly, Katie.
10/09/2012 00:08

Sorry, we don't date anyone off the internet and you aren't in our age range.

10/09/2012 00:01

hey katie. I saw the site was back up. Its looking gorgeous as always :)
Bye xoxoxoxoxoxoxox <3

Yours Truly, Katie.
10/09/2012 00:06

Hey Ablyssia! Thank you very much! Glad to see you on here. Hope all is going well for you! :)

Bertha is ME
10/09/2012 00:02


Beanie Caps & Mascara
10/09/2012 00:05

hello! I came across the blog and i think this has some serious potential! the nails are so cute btw...and i love how personal this all is!! Adorable!! <3

Rush hour
10/09/2012 11:11

Love the the nails!!!!!

Yours Truly, Katie.
10/09/2012 14:12

Just in case you guys forgot, we still plan on doing the Spotlight page every few weeks! So if you want to be in the spotlight, just comment on this blog and we will use a generator to choose the lucky winner! Good luck to all!!

10/09/2012 16:40

wow...i thought the website was shot and gone! THANKSYA FO BRINGING IT BACK!

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/20/2012 19:25

Hey guys! Sorry we haven't added anything! We've been super busy considering it is holiday season! We will try to add something here soon!! Much love! :)

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