Hey guys, it's me, Yours Truly, Katie! We have decided that new blog entries will be updated every Wednesday! We have also made a Criteria page indicating rules of the site. I'm tired of fighting and disrespectful people on here. I ask of you to be respectful and considerate of others on the site and keep in mind that there are younger children on here.
Nailed to Polish has a facebook page? Why yes, yes we do!
Have you read about me? Why haven't you? Read away!
On another note, pictures of my weekly nails will also be uploaded on Wednesday's. Next week I will do my pilgrim hat nails. Then the weeks after thanksgiving is when I will start my Christmas nail designs (which I am highly excited about!). I'm still interested in what you would like me to do on my nails, so keep giving suggestions please! Until next week, salutations!!

Cherri Bonbon
11/15/2011 23:48

Je suis content il ya des règles. Les gens deviennent fous sur les blogs. Je suis excité pour les ongles chapeau de pèlerin! au revoir!

Briallire <3
11/15/2011 23:53

Peut-être que les ongles Indien. Ou des clous de dinde. Ou les feuilles d'automne ongles. J'ai lu votre sujet m'a Katie. C'est une belle image sur la page.

Liarre Pizzarnta
11/15/2011 23:59

Je pense que les ongles serait mignon avec le houx. Je suis heureux de voir toutes les règles de la pierre pour la page Web. Certaines personnes sont hors de la ligne. Belle photo sur votre page personnelle sur Katie et Kenzie. Combien d'années d'intervalle, vous deux? Kenzie regarde autour de deux ou trois ans plus jeune. J'adore le site! Great job!
Aussi, j'ai soumis mes ongles, mais je ne les vois pas n'importe où sur votre site web. Ai-je besoin de vous donner plus de temps? Bonne nuit à tous!

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/16/2011 00:02

Thank you guys! :) We are 4 years apart, me being the oldest. :) I do plan to do some sort of holly nails. I'm very excited to do them.

Briallire <3
11/16/2011 00:03

Nails avec le houx? bonne idée! Cela pourrait être difficile pour moi.

bored child
11/16/2011 00:09

haha yay first english comment froma fan! :D
so the criteria page was like straight forward haha and u both r so pretty katie i luv ur photo and I'm sorry about all the cancer in your life, my aunt died from it when i was 12.
Well i think you should do nails with snowmen, or maybe santa's sleigh...like santa on the thumb and raindeer on the other nails, that would be awsum!
lol luv u guys <3

Delore Magnirre
11/16/2011 00:22

Shine on par RIO? Gamme classique, même pour les Canadiens! Nice, le choix chanson Kenzie. C'est drôle, j'ai entendu cela dans l'été, la même version en anglais! J'aime aussi le Pery groupe!

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/16/2011 00:22

Thank you. My mom died when I was 12. Anywho, I also planned a snowman nail design too. :)

Hannah Stone
11/16/2011 00:25

hey! yay another blog! okkk sooo picture this, a dark blue background of nails and then a white tip and a yellow north star on the pointer finger and then a bunch of tiny 'stars' on the other fingers!

My soul to take
11/16/2011 00:28

cool web dessign, what is your HTML code for your I.P?

Lovely Kenzie
11/16/2011 00:32

We have a custom HTML code for our website, under two sources. Weebly.com and Mywebsearch.com, and we have a google fire barrier.

My soul to Take
11/16/2011 00:32

a fre barrier? whats that?

Lovely Kenzie
11/16/2011 00:33

It prevents hackers from hacking by destroying the software on a computer's hard drive, and it completely destroys your device

My soul to Take
11/16/2011 00:34

WHAT? Destroys!!!! Guys not cool!

Lovely Kenzie
11/16/2011 00:36

There should be no reason to fret if you are not the one hacking us.

Willow Washy
11/16/2011 00:39

haha man you must have tried to hack them
anyways so I invisioned like a bunch of santa hats on your nails, like the nail base red and white at the bottom and a dot at the tips for the hat!
and maybe on the ring finger a red base and black line to make the belt...i am excited for the holidays!
i <3 the pages about u both....U R BOTH RELATED????

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/16/2011 00:46

Willow Washy, that is a fabulous idea!! Thank you!

Naula G.
11/16/2011 00:58

I think u need ta do rudolph nails. Brown for the base, black eyes and black face, and then on your pointer finger, make the nose big and red.
cant go wrong wid classiks

Dog Luver
11/16/2011 01:10

Oh katie i love twilight so much, and when i heard that song on your about me page i smiled so much my eyes like totally burst! omg! thanks for putting that on your about me!!!!!!
nails with food you eat on thanksgiving..for a random idea of inspiration

Zoe :)
11/16/2011 01:15

A smile costs nothing, but gives much-
It takes but a moment, but the memory of it usually lasts forever.
None are so rich that can get along without it-
And none are so poor but that can be made rich by it.

It enriches those who receive, without making poor those who give-
It creates sunshine in the home,
Fosters good will in business,
And is the best antidote for trouble-
And yet it cannot be begged, borrowed, or stolen, for it is of no value
Unless it is given away.

Some people are too busy to give you a smile-
Give them one of yours-
For the good Lord knows that no one needs a smile so badly
As he or she who has no more smiles left to give.

Thats what you give us. Smiles

lol princess
11/16/2011 01:15

agreed with Zoe :)

Galaria He'enbras
11/16/2011 01:23

de sorte que son encore un peu tôt, mais cela fait mon grand jour! J'adore ce site! Sommes-nous autorisés à contacter notre préférée des liaisons vidéo à ongles à votre courriel? Peut-on les mettre sur la page d'idée à ongles?

Muhamjeff Labuvanzdre
11/16/2011 01:29

أنا مهتم في هذا الموقع. كيف غامضة. فتاتان الصغيرة، وكيف مسلية.

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/16/2011 01:30

Beautiful poem Zoe. :) You can send the links of your favorite videos and then we will decide if we will put them on the site. :)

Briallire &lt;3
11/16/2011 01:31

Quel étrange commentaire à faire. Lire le monsieur critères.

bored child
11/16/2011 01:31

yo, end the foreign language fest

Delore Magnirre
11/16/2011 01:34

quelqu'un at-il pense que ce qui ce mec dit était bizarre? terroriste!

Muhamjeff Labuvanzdre
11/16/2011 01:36

الأطفال هشة جدا. أحب الأطفال. الذي يفعل؟ مسامير لطيفة. أود يديك. غسول؟

Zoe :)
11/16/2011 01:37

whoa, i translated that...does that fit criteria lovely kenzie?

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/16/2011 01:38

We don't put up with pedophiles either you creep.

Muhamjeff Labuvanzdre
11/16/2011 01:38

الأطفال هي لطيفة جدا. لدي حلوى في بيتي. تأتي زيارة لي في الهند. عناوين من فضلك

Valerie Dare
11/16/2011 01:42

well on that creepy and awkward note..
I think if you could get your hand on a newspaper with green ink and put the ink over a red base, it would look precious

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/16/2011 01:46

Don't worry folks, he is blocked and reported.

I'm not sure on how well the green ink on red nails would turn out. I would think that the colors would mix and it would turn out an ugly brown. Good idea tho! Maybe a white base with red and green ink?

Corra Ne Rosa
11/16/2011 01:46

Donc de toute façon ...
J'ai vu le vernis à ongles dans le magasin et je voulais ongles bourdons marqués comme vous. Quelles sont les marques que vous utilisez Katie?
China Glaze? Sally Hansen? Wet n Wild?
Les marques américaines sont en vente.

Valerie Dare
11/16/2011 01:47

Thaz an even better idea!!!!!

Jackson Seedon
11/16/2011 01:49

Hey therr
i lyk your webpage designs. very cool.

Cherry Pie
11/16/2011 01:52

I love the website, and i am a newbie here!
Anyways so i have a question......2 actually. can i mix nail polish (if they are the same brand) to get to a certain color, or would that not work?
What is more school spirit-ish to you, green nails and gold tips or green nails and the letters of the word STORMS in gold?
We are the Sunvalley east storms!
oh darn...
school is tomorrow...

bored child
11/16/2011 01:52

crap i forgot. bye till tomorrow

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/16/2011 01:54

I use all brands! I don't have any China Glaze because I'm broke. But I do like Wet'N'Wild, Revlon, Sally Hanson, NYC, Jordanna and Kiss.

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/16/2011 01:58

I would suggest the green nails with East Storms written on all the nails. Or color vice versa. Then if you're going to mix colors, it doesn't matter if the brands are the same or not, but test it on a piece of paper to see the outcome first. That way you don't mess up two polishes. :)

11/16/2011 08:04

So it is wednesday...are you posting your new nails online?
I am tad thrilled to see emm

Cherry Pie
11/16/2011 08:06

Ok! I like that one too! I did them last nite! Thanks for the help, I was in a life threatening nail debate haha
lol thanx

Veronica Veverra
11/16/2011 08:10

Alors êtes-vous vraiment faire des chapeaux de pèlerin? Je ne peux pas attendre pour les voir. GASP! mes ongles sont nus! Je vais certainement besoin de certaines de vos idées. Mon cousin a bumbleebee comme vos ongles, pas si bon que le vôtre.
J'adore le site

The Chosen Child
11/16/2011 08:11

Hey I did the nails like u did urs, (the newspaper) but it wouldn't work for me! what did i do?

Briallire &lt;3
11/16/2011 08:12

Peut-être que vous avez raté une étape ...

11/16/2011 08:13

So when will we see the next nails

do you have a detail brush? Ot a toothpick? make snowflakes~

Nazi Warrior
11/16/2011 10:56

New 2 the site looks so cool !

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/16/2011 12:19

Yes, my nails will be up later this afternoon. I have to find some batteries because my camera ate all of my spares, haha.

The Chosen Child: tell me each step you did and I can see if you did something wrong or missed a step.

The Chosen Child
11/16/2011 15:58

I painted my nails lime green
I put rubbing alchohol on my newspaper
I pressed it down on my nails
I then put a clear coat

Then it smeared

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/16/2011 16:47

Ok, you did everything right, but when you put your clear coat on you have to be careful because newspaper ink always smears. Try to use less frequent strokes.

The Chosen One
11/16/2011 16:50

lol that would be the problem

Trefre Nai
11/16/2011 17:04

un de mes amis m'a montré ce site.
Il est très cool!
Pouvez-vous faire les ongles avec des arbres de Noël ou des bas ou des cannes de bonbon simple?
Je suis ravi de voir vos nouveaux ongles.

Briallire &lt;3
11/16/2011 17:57

Je suis son ami! haha

11/16/2011 18:02

I am a mor traditional christmas luver, infact i <3 the whol red n green n gold, and i am now currntly doin the nails u jus did 4 urslf

<3 em

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/16/2011 18:11

Thanks for referring us to your friends!!! :D As of yesterday, we reached 1,000 viewers! Thank you so much guys! By the way, my new nails are up! Go check them out!

bored child
11/16/2011 18:20

i checked them out. i like.

Tefre Nai
11/16/2011 18:29

Alors allons-nous voir vendredi ongles noirs? Je suis ravi de voir toutes les idées!

Alyssia Xavad
11/16/2011 18:34

still intense!

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/16/2011 18:37

I'm not sure about the Black Friday nails, but I might.

Muhamjeff Labuvanzdre
11/16/2011 18:43

أطفال من فضلك لا تأكل. كل شيء جيد في قوة الإسلام. أطفال مسمار الفن، وتأتي إلى بلدي المساكن

Crissa S.
11/16/2011 18:43

Crissa S.
11/16/2011 18:44

so thats what the french said lol
I would love black friday nails! please please please!
That would be cool, or maybe just throw out an idea.

Nazi Warrior
11/16/2011 18:50

My friend magenta wants to join your website too, and she said she is looking for your fb page

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/16/2011 18:52

Then I might do some sort of black nails. On facebook, our page is called Nailed to Polish. It has a picture of Lovely Kenzie and I.

11/16/2011 19:16

SO i hav a nail ?
i add clear cote 24 7 and it never does what it should,
isnt it suposd 2 dry the nails quicker?

any othr nail tips?

Zoe :)
11/16/2011 20:04

Anyways for black friday nails you could just make black nails and put the word sale on your four fingers and then a cash sign like $ that on your thumb.
Just a thought

Bertha is ME
11/16/2011 20:30

Can someone give me insight?
Why is it that my pink have a yellowy filmy color on the top of my polish?
My dad's sister used to have a lot of polish and she gave it to me..and its old.
Is this why there is a weird color over the top? Because it is old?
(katie you have inspired me to use good grammar.)

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/16/2011 20:56

A clear coat is suppose to make your nail designs last longer, not dry them quicker. We will see about the black Friday nails because I will be busy with family next week. The age of your nail polish could very well be why it has a film over it. You can try shaking it up a lot to see if the film fades away or not.

Good grammar is sexy! Haha, well it's better than abbreviating everything to where people can't understand you.

Papaya Lover
11/16/2011 22:04

Yay the blog is up! i HAV BEEN SO BUSY!
i wanted to be 1st commnent but that failed...
hehee well i <3 the new nails, they ar best by far!

Goddess of Hope
11/16/2011 22:38

I am into roman cultures and many ancient ruins. I am majoring in mythology!
What kind of nail design could match that?
Ideas would be great.

bored child
11/16/2011 23:23

my nails r up!
question: are square nails good on me or should i round them?

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/16/2011 23:40

The last two nail submissions are in fact fake and they will be taken care of. The whole idea of the Fan Art page is for people to show what they actually did, not what they find on the Internet.

bored child
11/17/2011 17:31

they have to be our nailz?

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/17/2011 17:33

Yes, we want to see what YOU can do! :)

bored child
11/17/2011 17:41

the first ones actually were my nails, not the last one

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/17/2011 17:52

We are currently checking the rest of the fan art submissions to see if they are fake.

Lovely Kenzie
11/17/2011 20:15

Nails have been removed. Why post art not yours to get a small amount of credit? Criteria people. Check it, or be banned, and yes, I am one step away from banning anyone with fake art.

bored child
11/17/2011 20:17

i am sorry i disapointed u all
i just thought the nails on the art looked like mine, so i submitted them
the first set of nails was mine
im sorry
pleas dont ban me, i luv this site

Nazi Warrior
11/17/2011 20:18

@bored child
so what i do, i took a pic of me and my nailz, with my face in da pic.
do that everytime so we can make sure its u

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/17/2011 20:20

We won't ban you because you apologized, but don't do it again. Don't underestimate us, we always go on a mission to look for your photos on the Internet.

Princess Seascape
11/17/2011 20:20

Breaking Dawn!!!!!! I am excited!!!!!!
see u all therr
lol and i have cute nails 4 thuh event

bored child
11/17/2011 20:20

Can i do what nazi warriar said? is that safe?

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/17/2011 20:23

It can be safe as long as you don't give out any personal information or anything like that.

I'm off to the Breaking Dawn premeire!!! Talk you you guys later!!! :)

bored child
11/17/2011 20:27

ok :)

Nazi Warrior
11/17/2011 20:28

I heard that on tv and hav fun 2 princess seascape!
lol and i told ya it was a good idea

Totall Lace
11/17/2011 20:34

Hey :)
I was wondering if you had an admin sub-form...
I have watched the website for a while and I just have not commented because...well I guess i was nervous.
I find grammar used proper is sexy to!
I think its awful that some people put up fake photos, I have noticed many of the photos are gone...
Can i please help with the website in any way?
Maybe patrol comments?
:) if not I understand. (I can even help advertise if needed)
I am in love with the website!

Lovely Kenzie
11/17/2011 21:25

@Totall Lace
well, I am truly flattered by the offer of help. Ironicly, you have caught Kaite and I at a bad time, for Katie is off at a movie premeire and I am busy with friends myself.
In honesty, no 'help' is needed, but If you would like to (out of good nature) premote the website, feel free to do so.
Administer wise, we need no one so far. I will however bring this up with Katie, because it is mostly her website.
Thank you though.

Totall Lace
11/17/2011 22:26

I understand. Out of my love for the site, I guess the best I can do is just simply refer friends and contribute REAL fan art nails.

11/17/2011 22:31

Duz katie even evr giv u credit? i dont see your pictur anywhere on the homepage..and its katieez blog, not kenzie and katie
jw. its sketchy.

Trefre Nai
11/17/2011 22:34

peut-être vous devriez garder votre bouche fermée. Ils ont clairement une relation belle comme cousins. Ne commencez pas la merde où il n'y a pas de bac à litière.

11/17/2011 22:37

sry sry jw...its odd

Trefe Nai
11/17/2011 22:41

pas de vos affaires.
Quoi qu'il en soit avoir du plaisir à votre film américain katie!

hannah stone
11/18/2011 00:54

hey katie!
So on friday night I am from Idaho To Missouri so i wont be online :(
keep up the good work, and i wil be bac in like 7 dayz! <3

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/18/2011 03:50

I'm back from Breaking Dawn!!!! It was suspenseful. :) Anywho, Hannah, you will be missed for the next week! Have fun! And please, let's not start anything on here. Lovely Kenzie and I are in well terms of everything. :)

Totall Lace
11/18/2011 17:03

Katie, can you read my prvious comment?
and then answer it?

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/18/2011 17:25

I did read that, and I am flattered that you want to help but like Lovely Kenzie said, we will have to discuss this with each other. If you want you can advertise for us. :) That would be greatly appreciated. :)

Totall Lace
11/18/2011 17:32

alright. I will.
Please consider it!

Pearly Shanaw
11/18/2011 17:36

Nail problems are one of the main things that stop us from creating the manicure styles we dream of and display it with complete confidence. Weakness and peeling are the most common problems women complain about but they are not the only ones that can cause frustration in the long run.

Maintaining nails healthy is quite complicated at times, especially when you are prone to developing certain nail problems

Nazi Warrior
11/18/2011 17:42


Yours Truly, Katie.
11/18/2011 18:14

Well, I do believe that Kenzie and I have decided to just keep this website under our control. Plus, we don't know you so it be hard for this to work. We appreciate the offer though.

Totall Lace
11/18/2011 18:27

What are you thinking turning down this offer? I do want to stay under polite terms, but wouldn't it be best to have a wide variety of administers? You are a red head, Kenzie is a brunette, and I am a blond! What a grand combination! And also I can make a much more appealing website design, with pink and nail designs as the layout! Can you imagine the fame we could have Kaite? If you want to keep it family, I don't entirely understand. Consider once more a diverity group. I can be famous with you! :)

Lovely Kenzie
11/18/2011 18:31

We have made a final answer, and I designed the website, and we do this for fun, not fame.

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/18/2011 18:41

We made our decision. Now either accept it or make your own website. I don't want fame or pink girly crap. I am not a girly girl whatsoever. I am completely happy with how our website is. Also, I'm not a redhead thank you very much. If you can't understand family, then you don't need to be in this business.

Lovely Kenzie
11/18/2011 18:48

We enjoy the website as we have it, and we made it to our intrest.

Totall Lace
11/18/2011 19:01

How dare you? Your hair looks red. Forgive me your highness. And make it appealing! Add glitter! Better music! More decor!
I am insulted beyong belief. How dare you. I will make a websit, and watch the popularity increase. I am going to ask you one more time, may i PLEASE be an administrator?

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/18/2011 19:03

Hell no. Good day.

Totall Lace
11/18/2011 19:09

How dare you, I am apaulled.
You are a disgusting creature.
And lovely kenzie, you are an awful site designer. Why can I not help?

bored child
11/18/2011 19:10

lay off >:-(

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/18/2011 19:14

Your answer is in the first sentence bitch. Keep this up and you will be blocked from not only this site but all weebly sites. Get this answer through your goddamn head, FUCK NO!!!! And don't fucking try to insult us over the damn internet. Grow up and get an attitude adjustment. Now get the fuck off of here.

Totall Lace
11/18/2011 19:17

I am going to buy your website domain. I have money 'bitch'

Nub Art
11/18/2011 19:22

_ ,
' ) / _/_
/-< __. / o _
/ )(_/|_<__<_</_

it says katie

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/18/2011 19:22

Get this straight, I DON'T DO THIS FOR FAME!!!!!! Good God! You need to grow the fuck up and get your facts straight. We have it the way we like it! And, we appreciate all of our fans that found this site. Answer me this: Why can't you understand that we don't want or need your help on OUR website??

Nub Art
11/18/2011 19:23

or maybe not...

Totall Lace
11/18/2011 19:25

Lovely kenzie, you talk to me! She is being mean :(
Lovely and I will just ditch you katie. This is my website too.

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/18/2011 19:27

Bitch please! She would never leave me and who ever said it was your website?? I don't see you anywhere on here!

Lovely Kenzie
11/18/2011 19:27

How dare YOU!

Totall Lace
11/18/2011 19:30

How dare I? I helped create this site! Lovely Kenzie! I was your muse! You know! Katie I love this site I want the nails I have no talent! give me fame! give me fun!
I was the inspiratution!

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/18/2011 19:33

You were not! My lovely best friend Karly was my inspiration! We don't even know you! You also need to learn how to spell!!!

bored child
11/18/2011 19:34

haha rejected!

Totall Lace
11/18/2011 19:36

See lovley kenzie? There is a lovely karly too!
Fuck you. I am OUT. I quit my admin job.
Lovely Karly and Lovely Kenzie I invite you to quit with me.

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/18/2011 19:37

Karly isn't on this site. You clearly don't understand anything.

The Chosen Child
11/18/2011 19:40

Newspaper nails + Me = bad idea
Katie + Newspaper nails - Me = PROGRESS

the lime green polish worked!

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/18/2011 19:43

Sorry we let that go on for so long guys! I just wanted to see her reaction to everything and then she just got crazier and crazier on each comment.

Anywho, I'm glad the lime green nail polish worked!! Practice makes perfect!

Green lover
11/18/2011 22:18

I forgive you

Delore Magnirre
11/19/2011 00:43

J'ai une idée. Ce serait bien si vous faites les ongles cornocopia. Oui, il est difficile mais peut-être amusant. Je dois dire au revoir, je vole vers les Bahamas pour Thanksgiving. Au revoir pendant une semaine!

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/19/2011 02:42

Oh I'm so jealous! Have fun in the Bahamas!! Happy Thanksgiving in advance!

nai nai
11/20/2011 13:57

cool site

11/20/2011 16:51

Ugly bee nails...mine r better

Lovely Kenzie
11/20/2011 16:57

Then if they are so impossibly grand, why not submitt them?
We don't tolerate that behavior.

beautiful Kelsey
11/20/2011 20:10

hahahaha i love christmas nails!!!!!

11/20/2011 20:11

you cant mak me

Lovely Kenzie
11/20/2011 20:28

Maybe not, but we can ban you.

Briallire &lt;3
11/20/2011 23:29

Pour l'instant je dis au revoir. Je vais passer quelques temps en famille. Joyeux Thanksgiving à tous, si je ne suis pas sur le blog suivant.

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