Fan art anyone?


Hey its me Katie...for the third day in a row!
Remember that blogs are not updated daily, but we are still getting the ropes around, so a schedule will be made very soon!
Hopefully you noticed the new Fan art page! If you haven't, get your eyes checked or click
here. Email a photo of your nail polish to the email listed, and watch your nail art appear on the page! Also, if you have art related to the site, like a drawn photo of me or anything from the site, please submitt acordingly.
Now we understand the blog comment issue, and it is now resolved. If you are a member, your words are plain black. If you are me, yours truly Katie, or our technical supporter, Lovely Kenzie, the comment will be blue. This will also help with identity issues..
So, the holidays are approaching us very quickly! Tell us, what are you wishing for this christmas?
Any other nail suggestions?
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andy morinth
11/10/2011 22:58

all i want for christmas is you.
ooooohhhh baybay!

Bertha is ME
11/10/2011 23:03

So for starts i need to get some nails submitted for fan art!
eek i luv the art of fans!
alsooo good idea, that got confusing back there 0.0
and lastly i want a new lamp...sounds crazy but i saw a rainbow 1 that i neeeed

saw five, revenge of the saw in 5 forms!
11/10/2011 23:07

I want a new dog, my others need friends, or maybee i can swap my lil bro,
anyways i wanna see sum nailz with cherries. can u do it

Lovely Kenzie
11/10/2011 23:14

Perhaps cherries are not to bad of an idea! It sounds to me that the only colors katie has would fit nicely to the cherry theme!

Annie Nichols
11/10/2011 23:21

quick question for katie, what do you like better if you were wearing a pink dress to a formal party? Pink nails and white tipsies lol or white nails with pink tips? Or do you have a better ideasss?

Mae'mi Kaepellrirr
11/10/2011 23:25

pour Noël je veux que beaucoup de chocolat, et les gallons de vernis à ongles aient l'amusement avec ! Je pense également que vous devriez faire des ongles d'argent et d'or comme les cloches argentées de chanson.

Delore Magnirr'e
11/10/2011 23:29

Je suis d'accord. J'aime le chocolat. Faites-vous vos ongles par vous-même? Vos ongles sont zèbres divin. Pouvez-vous ouvrir un salon? Je voyage à le visiter!

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/10/2011 23:32

@Annie: I would do a regular white French tip with some sort of pink design. Like line the white tip with pink polka dots. Hope that helped. :)

Tessa's word
11/10/2011 23:36

hey i stumbled by the site
cool in many wayz
ilike your bumble bee nails, they rock on! :P

Annie Nichols
11/10/2011 23:37

actually it did. thankz

sophie bescaunni
11/10/2011 23:49

hello, so is this blog for all people or is there a membership?
<3 cool nailz

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/10/2011 23:53

You're welcome Annie. :) and Sophie, this blog is for everyone to see. But only I and Lovely Kenzie can change and upload everything. You can submit things to the email on our Fan Art page. :)

@Andy: I will remain a wish.

sophie bescaunni
11/10/2011 23:57

cool! in dat case call me a regular!

Willow Washy
11/11/2011 00:07

hey! I tweeted this...just now.
and why is nail marbling so hard? Do you suggest tape or no tape?
tips to make it easy :(

Zoe :)
11/11/2011 00:16

i am clearli no katie buttttt i think its harder with tape. Anyways i want a near ipad for christmas, i dropped mine downa my bed and it shattered the top....dratz.
also can you do the north star nails? or presents? or maybe some dolphins (random but my fav animal)

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/11/2011 00:19

Great Sophie! Willow, it takes a lot of practice to get it right. I recommend using tape around your nails for an easier clean up. Just make sure you use room temperature, distilled water. Tap or hard water don't work nearly as well as the distilled does.

Willow Washy
11/11/2011 00:22

for real? i was using ice cold water. god danggg why would i use ice water!!!!!
Thanks for puttin up ways to do it on that one page.

hannah stone
11/11/2011 00:30

i used burning hot water and ma polish like meleted and liek it sucked
moral of the story, use the right water!

Bonbon Cherri
11/11/2011 00:31

Je pense que votre prochaine étape est de faire un tutoriel vidéo. Avez-vous une page facebook?
Je présente mon art en ce moment.
Andy, quitter son être. Elle n'est pas intéressée.

Maringold May
11/11/2011 00:32

some of the nails suck, and the tutorials are not even this a joke ;/

Lovely Kenzie
11/11/2011 00:34

@Maringold May: I am the tech supporter and I have full power of deleting or banning you from the website. I don't like to be harsh but please take away the rude attitude and lets just enjoy the site :)

Maringold May
11/11/2011 00:35

Ban me? HA! I'd like to see you TRY. looser. jeeze guys this site is crooked.

Lovely Kenzie
11/11/2011 00:36

~Banned. :)

bored child
11/11/2011 00:37

you jus got served on a platter!

saw five, revenge of the saw in 5 forms!
11/11/2011 00:38


Dog Luvver 1998
11/11/2011 00:40

can you answer this for me kaite? o3o

so i want to do my nails, but the design i like has really tiny brush details. should i use a toothpicky thinger lol or should i use the brush the color comes with or should i leave out the scared the toothpick will scrape my bottom pink coat. helllp

Retina Marjarrer
11/11/2011 00:44

Je présente mes ongles verts avec de l'or ... de sa laideur, mais ils sont cool pour moi.

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/11/2011 00:52

You can use a toothpick for the designs just don't press down so hard that you do scrape the base color. Or, if you have any tiny paint brushes you can use those to do desgins also. Or if you have any thin brush nail polishes, you can wipe off the paint from that brush and dip it into the desired color. :)

Dog Luvver
11/11/2011 00:54

thanks! i accidently pressed enter up there lol can ur tech man get rid of that?
any thanks for the advice!!!!

11/11/2011 00:55

so wid dem red nails wid dem green tips and dem silver dots be lookin like Xmas

11/11/2011 00:57

Femininity's little shimmering blankets -
It conceals the rigidness of my arched nails.

It defames not fabulous Femininity.
In return she runs her delicate fingertips

Over it to coat it
With an artist's blissful blessing.
Mother-like of Femininity
Childlike of the nail polish.

Candy Shoppe
11/11/2011 01:06

hello everyone working with nailed to polish! I like the web design
tho nil polish aint ma thing i like the nail tutorials and zebra nails. how long has this weebly domain been here? i am on weebly 24/7 and i have never seen it new?

lol princess
11/11/2011 01:08

duh its new. Its soo cool right? I like it cus its a small site where the authors actually aknowladge they have PEOPLE as the fans, not just a bunch of followers + katie just seems...something good.

bored child
11/11/2011 01:09

try relatable. she is easy to relate to somehowzerz

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/11/2011 01:11

Dog Luvver, I shall see what she can do for you. And Candy Shoppe, this website has been up for about three days.

11/11/2011 01:13

Katie, nice newspaper nailz! idk that we could do it without white as the main color! :F

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/11/2011 01:13

I try to relate to you guys! I'm not perfect at this, but I sure do try my hardest. I hate when people don't pay attention to any comments, I try to get back to you guys as soon as I can. :)

caroline brunner
11/11/2011 01:16

of all the nails you have ever done..which are the best? how did you do them?

bored child
11/11/2011 01:17

well i deffinatelee noticed! you listen, answer, and bann people's asses away! ;D

andy morinth
11/11/2011 01:19

It's been said and done
Every beautiful thought's been already sung
And I guess right now here's another one
So your melody will play on and on, with best of 'em
You are beautiful, like a dream come alive, incredible
A centerfold miracle, lyrical
You've saved my life again
And I want you to know baby

I, I love you like a love song, baby
I, I love you like a love song, baby
I, I love you like a love song, baby

And I keep hittin' re-peat-peat-peat-peat-peat

want my number? :) im almost 13!!!! then is it leagal

bored child
11/11/2011 01:19

i sure as hell don't XD

andy pleez buzz cutt off

11/11/2011 01:21

quick question, are you and lovely kenzie twins? are both the photos on the home page you guys or are they both you or both her?
confusion O.O

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/11/2011 01:28

@Caroline: honestly, I couldn't say which ones were the best. I don't have pictures of anything before the bumblebee nails, but I really liked my Halloween plaid nails and my bloody nails (I had blood red dripping down my nails from my tips).

@bored child: Lovely Kenzie and I don't pit up with peoples crap. :)

@Andy: until you are 18, it will still be illegal.

@rain: both pictures are of me, but Lovely Kenzie and I are cousins.

Candy Shoppe
11/11/2011 08:09

goooood mornin my faveorite blog!

Mandy Tail
11/11/2011 08:11

So katie, i have a question. I nail marble my nails a lot, but i have run into an issue. My colors are dead and not as runny as the used to be. How do you fix this? What can i do to make my color runny again...its my favorite green and pink :( please :(

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/11/2011 12:25

Top of the morning to ya! Haha. Mandy, when my colors are old and getting thick, I usually put a tiny bit of nail polish remover in the bottle and shake it up until well blended. Or you can use nail polish thinner, but since I'm broke, I just use what I already have. But be careful with how much remover you put in there. You add a little bit at a time for your desired consistency because you don't want to accidentally over do it and mess up your colors. Hope that makes sense! :)

Mandy Tail
11/11/2011 16:56

haha thank you, it worked! My colors are saved!
sorry i took me time to say thanks, for some reason your website was down and said "Open for repairs"
lol what was broken?

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/11/2011 16:57

Not entirely sure... I'll check it out.

Zoe :)
11/11/2011 17:01

I had that problem for about an hour mandy. I am unsure y tho

Lovely Kenzie
11/11/2011 17:16

It was a slight block through issue, but its all fixed. Now, the only time the site should be down is when we are making some lovely updates.
Lovely kenzie

lol princess
11/11/2011 17:22

One more ?
do you have merchandise? like t-shirts and stuff? crazy bt i'd buy it haha
I just submitted fan art...did you all get it?

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/11/2011 17:26

We don't have mercahndise. Yet. Haha. We might sometime later on in the future, depending on how well this site goes. :) Lovely Kenzie is working on the Fan Art right now. :)

Lovely Kenzie
11/11/2011 17:27

Merchandise is currently not availible for the blog, but as soon as we reach a wide goal of at least 1,000 fans, we shall open up an online store, and proceeds go to Katie.

Mindy Tail
11/11/2011 17:44

he haw my art is up!

Harry Potter &lt;3
11/11/2011 17:50

so i like harry potter (obviously) and are there any nail ideas that you can give me based on the book. Should i make lighting bodlt nails or like the house symbols? this is for either katie or fans.
or maybe like a wand across my nails?

Tessa's Word
11/11/2011 18:06

im guessing ur tuned 2 abc family...harry potter week? haha i'd do the lightining boldt

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/11/2011 18:15

Harry Potter, I like the ideas you put down. A suggestion is on one nail you can put the 'HP' symbol on there. Otherwise, I don't think you need my help. :) Good Luck!

lol princess
11/11/2011 18:18

when is the next blog? I'm going to kinda set my comments a way and save em for the next

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/11/2011 18:22

We are still trying to work out a schedule for this websites updates. But, we will keep you folks informed!

Kailem (emmy)
11/11/2011 18:24

hey ive been veiwing the nails in the fan art submittion page and stuff.
what is everyones fave pic on there?

Zoe :)
11/11/2011 18:25

that can hurt people's feelins dont ask

Kailem (emmy)
11/11/2011 18:26

shut up i asked a simple ?

Zoe :)
11/11/2011 18:26

and I gave u a simple answer. dont be a jerk they moniter theez and block people and i dont wanna be 1

Kailem (emmy)
11/11/2011 18:29

and just because of that ur bein a kiss up.
can you shut up please i asked a stupid question.
someof the nails suck, i just want to know what everyone else thinks

Mae'mi Kaepellrirr
11/11/2011 18:31

No luches contra. Esto es una tontería. Y es de mal gusto de los artistas. El hecho de que quiere ser malo, le prohibición

11/11/2011 18:32

please dont b mean sum of us tried hard on them now please stop...or get off the website

Kailem (emmy)
11/11/2011 18:33

excuse me but f that, i saw your nails.
i just asked a question.

Zoe :)
11/11/2011 18:35

Your out of line.
please stop.
we r here 2 enjoy

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/11/2011 18:35

This site is not for fighting!!! If you're going to fight, get the fuck off of here. I'm happy with the submissions. I know how hard it is for people like me to do awesome nails! Now either stop fighting or Lovely Kenzie will personally take care of your asses.

11/11/2011 18:35

well im outa here till the next bblog.
dont be like that emmy

Kailem (emmy)
11/11/2011 18:37

uh excuse you? only my friends call me emmy and jeeze you all suck. wanna go? im submitting nails, and suck it, they r better than even katie

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/11/2011 18:40

Emmy, if only friends call you that, then why put it?? Your are blocked.

Lovely Kenzie
11/11/2011 18:44

Shall we leave this as a lesson.
If you are rude, you are blocked.
Sadly three members have been banned, and one has been completely blocked from even seeing the site.
(Lexia Veil)
Please do not set yourself up like this.
Thank you.

bored child
11/11/2011 18:45

once again..OWNED!

Bertha is ME
11/11/2011 19:35

I will be back soon for you all later, until the next blog, farewell!
<3 I love ya katie

11/11/2011 21:38

agreed :) till next blog i bid yee a buhbye

Lovely Kenzie
11/12/2011 10:11

Well goodbye rain untill the next blog. We hope to see you there ;)

Papaya lover
11/13/2011 00:01

Quick question for katie,
my nails always snag, nooooo mater wut! like i will be painting them, they feel dry, and I'll touch my jeans er somethin and they just snag! why does it do this! DO i have too much polish on ma nails D:

bored child
11/13/2011 00:02

ktp93 i found u on tumblr....from your first blog.

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/13/2011 19:47

Sorry guys! I was busy this weekend!

Papaya Lover: you can try polishes that have hardeners in them to make them stronger, or you can soak your fingers in olive oil for 15 minutes. That helps your cuticles and prevents hangnails. :) I hope that helped you!

Bored Child: haha yes, I post my feelings and such on there. It's a great way to vent. :)

Papaya Lover
11/13/2011 20:15

Thanks! the hardener thing really hel;ped, i bought new polish n stuff so It doesnt do it no more:)
alsoo the live oil thing is goo 2 know, thanks!

11/14/2011 22:54

why r my nails not wut i call em? and thaz not my name

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/14/2011 22:59

Simply because the names were not appropriate.

11/14/2011 23:02

c'mon we r all teens here it was jus for fun, like a good laugh. harsh. and you could have jus blocked the words like u did to my name >:(

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/14/2011 23:05

We aren't all teens here. There are younger children. Be considerate.

11/14/2011 23:06

no i think you could was a joke gosshhhhhh and the name block is rude, what if my name ment sumthin else

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/14/2011 23:07

It's MY website and I decide what is said and put on here little missy. Keep pressing your luck and see what happens.

11/14/2011 23:09

i dont see your name written on it but whaeva makes u feel better, and what would happen? people kno my name says the word ****

11/14/2011 23:10

wow you blocked the word **** too?
your soooo cool

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/14/2011 23:12

You will be blocked and your photo will be removed. I don't put up with little kids shit. And actually, my name is all over this site. Get your facts straight before you go accusing.

Lovely Kenzie
11/14/2011 23:15

Please stop the nonsense. New rules will be layed down very soon to be found on a page tittled Criteria if this persists.

andy morinth
11/15/2011 18:39

where is ur luv for me? :(

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/15/2011 19:20

I have no love for you Andy. If you keep this up, we will block you. You have no business on this website.

Lovely Kenzie
11/15/2011 23:08

Criteria page. -_-
Make it a habbit and know it like the back of your hand.

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