Hey! It's me, Katie! I must say that I am really proud and excited about how
this site has taken off so far! I want to let you guys know that I usually do my
nails about once a week, so there should be new pictures up every week. Unless ...
I'm not happy with my nails, haha. I'm open to suggestions and will start my
Christmas nails after Thanksgiving! So keep commenting on what you would like me to try and master on my nails!
I did not make this site for challenges, I did it just for fun because I 
thought other people who are
interested in nails like myself would like to see
what I've done. If your going to start any problems on here, then you will be
blocked. Thank you!
Briallire <3
11/09/2011 23:11

Son bon entendre que vous pouvez faire des clous qui ont les thèmes de Noël. Je pense qu'une fille était la façon impossible, et bonne pour vous pour le blocage elle. De toute façon cela refroidit ces clous de presse que vous avez fait. Merci pour envoyer un didacticiel pour les clous de presse par la façon. Comment très frais ! Je les ai faits aussi ! Vous devriez faire une page de submittion d'art de ventilateur quelque part. ..That serait une raison pour visiter le site Web souvent.

Valerie Dare
11/09/2011 23:14

I love the pink newspaper nails! I just was on youtube and your add popped up and I am so doing those nails for this party..long story short you are a life saver!

bored child
11/09/2011 23:15

Haha i know who u talkin about when you say the word blocked ;)

Yevonne Rerriya
11/09/2011 23:16

J'aime les clous de journal. Je ne les ai jamais vu fait dans aucune autre couleur mais aucun autre blanc. Très frais.

Dana Jonese
11/09/2011 23:20

YAY christmas nails! sweetness!

Jason Drenb
11/09/2011 23:26

Hey, I'm not gay, don't shoot me. I am just a web designer myself and I wanted to say your site is cool, what software did you use? and why are there french people flooding your blogs....? Uhm well itsza cool site. Thought i might say something.

X-dawg, the Dawg-X
11/09/2011 23:28

Ohma goawd i juz went crazay in ma pants dis is so cute imma be waitin 4 them new nails each week uh uh!

bored child
11/09/2011 23:29

im not racist but i am 100% sure the comment above me came from someone black. O.o

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/09/2011 23:35

I am very excited about the Christmas nails also! One of my favorite holidays! I love the idea of the Fan Art Submissions page! I shall see what I can do about that! I used weebly software. I also like the French citizens on here because that makes this blog international! :)

Zoe :)
11/09/2011 23:36

I like what the first person said...lez make a fan page!
I am expecting reindeer nails, or penguin nails, like wintery animals :)

11/09/2011 23:41

Son bon pour être un Américain de langue française. Ainsi sur la matière des ongles, que diriez-vous est-vous plus facile ? Les ongles de journal, ou ongles de marbre d'ongle ? J'essaye de décider, je vais ma première date ! (yay je) et j'ai besoin de quelques idées d'ongle… que vous pouvez répondre en anglais, son juste plus d'amusement pour saisir français !

11/09/2011 23:48

I am excited for the christmas nail most of all. Keep the cute nails flowing!!

Leable Equilibriarre
11/09/2011 23:50

S'il vous plaît, si vous ne pouvez pas parler français, ne pas essayer. Un commentaire ci-dessus me blesser mon cerveau, et je parle couramment français!

Disney's tru luverz
11/09/2011 23:53

hey i browse thru every1's weebly websites cuz i get bored. ur layout iz cool and ur nails ar cool 2...yeah

hannah stone
11/09/2011 23:56

hey so your newspaper nailz were cool since u were unique and used pink, not white..

andy morinth
11/09/2011 23:59

you never hit meh up :(
i like your picture on the home page, the black n white 4 favorite

Tiana Marie Geraldem
11/10/2011 00:02

So for christmas you may want to introduce:
lights, chimneys, snowflakes, reindeer, presents, angels, nativity scene, pointsettas, and much more to please our holiday cravings, and its very nice and traditional of you to wait to after thanksgiving. I respect that.

11/10/2011 00:08

J'ai dit ce qui plus difficile Pourquoi si dur à lire mes trucs que je sais comment a été dirigé vers moi aimants conquête de mon cœur.

Macky Kavanaugh
11/10/2011 00:09

please do not use the translator, we know you speak englsih.

11/10/2011 00:10

French is more fun. And i said which nails arebetter in ur opinoin, newspaper or marbled? ;/

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/10/2011 00:31

@Andy: I'm flattered that you like my picture but you are by far, way to young for me and it would be illegal.

Everyone else, I already have Christmas ideas brewing up in my head! :)

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/10/2011 00:33

I forgot to add this, newspaper nails are a lot easier than marbling. I'm still trying to get the hang of water marbling.

I AM Alexandra Love &lt;3 :)
11/10/2011 08:04

I didn't know the newspaper nails worked with other colorz! Nice!
lol and so what r ur next ideas? And the first comment i translated and she said something about a fan art page...i would like that!

Nioming Vget
11/10/2011 08:08

do you like switching up your nails a lot? Its hard for me to do such goood nailz like tat and den erase em each week. lol and i really like that there is oink under the nailz and not white. Keep it up!

Nioming Vget
11/10/2011 08:09

haha oink? I ment pink!!!!!!!! lol

The silent screamer
11/10/2011 08:13

SO you should do nails that are grey with red tips and then purple details. I just thought it would look cool cus i never have even seen it done. OR turkey time, make some turkeys or pilgrims! I wouldn't mind five little pilgrim faces on my hand....>:D

bored child
11/10/2011 08:13


Yours Truly, Katie.
11/10/2011 13:51

I shall see what I can do about pilgrim hats. I don't have a wide variety of colors so it would be hard for me to do some of the designs you are requesting. But I will certainly try to see what I can do about that. :)

11/10/2011 16:59

that be cool if you could make the pilgrim hats. Also whada bout nails with food, like a thanksgiving feast? lol or maybe even some nails with turkeys!

Macky Kavanaugh
11/10/2011 17:27

So, katie, do you think that you can create the pilgrim hats? Perhaps you need a black polish color...got any?

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/10/2011 17:47

@my love: I do have black polish, but I don't have the right gold. I need a brighter gold. My gold is called gold coin by revlon but it's a faint color. Some say its silver. And yes, I have a very cute idea for the pilgrim hat. I would like to make turkeys but I have no brown.

Macky Kavanaugh
11/10/2011 18:52

@My even more special love: I see...perhaps we should go polish shopping!

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/10/2011 19:04

@my love: Perhaps we shall! I need a more variety of colors, since my colors consist of pinks, purples, greens, blues, reds and oranges.

Princess Seascape
11/10/2011 19:08

lol whats wrong with those colors? I like themmmm :)

Your Truly, Katie.
11/10/2011 19:11

I love these colors, but my nail polish addiction is getting worse and I need more! Haha. :)

Leable Equilibriarre
11/10/2011 19:25

Visitez un magasin américain. Comme cible! Ils ont polonaise bon marché. 99 piou cent

Macky Kavanaugh
11/10/2011 20:04

**Update: fan art submittion page comming soon.

bored child
11/10/2011 21:27

i am prepared with my nets of shmexyness to submit art! >:)

11/10/2011 21:41

oh yes! first on the nail submittion page! like???

bored child
11/10/2011 21:50

cool miners is up on the site. thaz fast.

Macky Kavanaugh
11/10/2011 21:50

Haha we have fast service i guess

Nioming Vget
11/10/2011 21:52

I hav a question. I have noticed something weird, sometimes the posts have blue backgrounds. Is it random?

Tiana Marie Geraldem
11/10/2011 21:53

Suppose it is random.

Macky Kavanaugh
11/10/2011 21:56

This will be fixed by the next blog.

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/10/2011 22:31

Folks, we are working on this problem. :)

Carolyn Mieners
11/14/2011 22:36

Coolio sight! But need help for the christmas dance at ma school i bought a long red dress (itz sparkly) and it has gold designs like flowers and swirlz..how should i do my nails so my dress and nails dont look clashy or to much.

Your Truly, Katie.
11/14/2011 22:58

Hmm.. I think it's a coincidence that i just did my nails in a sparkly red with sparkly gold designs. As soon as i get it posted (whenever my camera gets batteries, haha) maybe that will give you an idea. Or you can do a simple design like red nails with gold polka dots, or vice versa. Hope that helped. If not, I'll try to come up with more for you.

Carolyn Mieners
11/14/2011 23:00

Thanks for taking the time to respond, I look forward to seeing your nail design when posted:)

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