Aloha! Its Katie! Happy thanksgiving to all of our fans on here! To start off, I want to say how thankful we are to have dedicated fans like you guys on my website! We love you all!
Now, it is the Holidays, so we (Kenzie and I) will not be attending to comments as often as we should, so please do not waste your vacation by pressing your faces up to the screens waiting for replies! :)
Maybe or Maybe not, you have seen the mobile website compatible with Itouches and Phones! You haven't? Go Now!!! You get everything there that is here...except for the music that is.
So once again, happy Thanksgiving! Now tell us, what is your favorite thanksgiving day dish?
untill wednesday, au revoir!
11/23/2011 01:32

J'aime tarte. Tarte à la citrouille. Je ne savais pas que nous avions un site mobile! Je serai là plus souvent pendant les heures d'école alors! Joyeux Thanksgiving Day à tous!

bored child
11/23/2011 02:33

happy thanksgiving 2 you!
well bye untill monday..I am going to Ohio :) to visit my grandpa and grandma

<3 luv ya!

Willow Washy
11/23/2011 13:35

gooodbyeeee till the holiday end!

Nana Mia
11/24/2011 20:26

and I did thuh pilgrim nails

Hannah Stone
11/24/2011 23:36

I had some time to sneak away! lol

I saw the pilgrim nails and did them on my sisters, they liked them! I just added a brown base...
and I had no idea ther was a mobile

well 'goofbye' for now!

Annie Nichols
11/26/2011 12:57

its so deserted!
the holidays ate the memberz!
I need to sumbmitt my nails...they are pink! i hate the color...but...

anywho happy thanksgiving and stuff ;)

Briallire &lt;3
11/26/2011 13:41

Joyeux Thanksgiving Day à tous!

"I am happy to be on the this website"
-american Translationes

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/27/2011 22:39

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a marvelous weekend!! :)

Papaya Lover
11/27/2011 23:58

YAY! Great Holiday everyone, hope u had as much fun as me!

so...i am not ready for scholl :(

I am excited for life to return to the comments though..haha

11/27/2011 23:58

agreed. Its too zombie dead.

bored child
11/28/2011 00:02

Then blow it up with comments!!!!


11/28/2011 00:07

Spam! injuste! Ne pas mettre ce slops sur cette page "Noob ART" s'il vous plaît arrêter maintenant! Ceci est une violation des critères quelque peu.

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