Hey guys, Its Katie! The holidays are quickly approaching, and so is the
arrival of santa claus! A new holiday leads to a new season, and speaking of
new, I have to address something important.
Over the last blog, you may have noticed a shocking conversation towards the end of the blog. If you have no clue what went on, I am going to say it straight and plain to avoid rumor spreading:
one of our own, hannah stone, was a victim to identity theft because of our
website. We ensure the saftey of all of you, and we need to meet you half way.
Each time you make a comment, its like signing a contract. We try to keep you
safe, and you need to protect yourself as well. No using your real name as a
screen name, and no giving personal information to anyone.
We know you probably haven't visited the Criteria page, so we advise you too. The FCC has made a new law, no matter the country, targetting cyber bullying and your protection, so we will be cracking down on each of you more than often.
Just know, we are watching you!
Now, on a more posotive look, you may have noticed my nails in the nail art area are not there! C'est terrible! Comment cela peut-être? How can this be? No fear, they shall be up a bit later. Give me time dears :)
Anyways, I know I am excited for christmas. I shall be spending it with lovely Kenzie! Haha! Now what are you all doing? Leave it in the comments, and don't forget to cast your vote in the blog!
A bientôt!
Oh! And make sure to welcome the new japanese people on the website if it comes up. Kenzie made a bit of an advertisement error again.
Happy Holidays!
Briallire <3
12/13/2011 21:46

Ah, donc ça a été le drame. C'est une bonne chose, il est fini. Eh bien, je passe un agréable moment ici à Paris pour Noël. haha, je n'aime pas trop les avions.

Cherri Bonbon
12/13/2011 21:48

? japonaise Kenzie! Vous êtes une position bizarre. Quoi qu'il en soit, je serai avec mon 'fiancé' en Grèce pour Noël. Son une chose pré-voyage de noces. :)

bored child
12/13/2011 21:51

-_- anyone make a messup and icut off ur fingers. dont b messing with us you creepeiz of the world!
lol and i will be in three places. I will be in New York for the ball drop on new years eve, and i will also be in missouri to C my familay. :]
the third place iz the spa. I need it. Bad.

hannah stone
12/13/2011 21:53

well, even if it does happen again, i dont wanna risk the stability of the site, it wouldnt b fair, so if it happens its in ur hands, i wont get any 1 inolved, you can do it :)
I have fath
and also, i shall be in newyork all christmas :) lol see u there bored child.

Tasty orange
12/13/2011 21:57

i KNEW puttin names wudnt safe frum the start.

12/13/2011 22:01

hey, Im Catiri, im prolly older than most of yall, and imma say it right now...can a 28 year old b on here? I have a taste for nail art if I do say so myself ;)
I just wanted to know if there was an age limit...
lol anywho, my cousin referred me to the site...she saw a google add...lol
and I love LOVE LOVE the peppermint nails and the star nails.
Im happy to be here :)

Yours Truly, Katie.
12/13/2011 22:02

Well, Hannah didn't put her real name. But someone made a Facebook with Hannah Stone as the name. We were iffy on if it was really her or not because the profile pictures were 2 separate girls and the pictures were also found on fanpop. I am actually glad we asked so this could have been straightened out. But for your safety, please dont put your real names!

12/13/2011 22:05

I shall honor the new rule!
And i have a question 4 u katie:
I bought new nail polish, and I was wondering, what can i do with these colors thats christmassy:
gold, yellow, green (lime), silver (fine tip brush), black, white.
any brainstorm idea??? :)
<3 u

Yours Truly, Katie.
12/13/2011 22:06

Welcome Catiri! :) so far there's no age limit, but please keep in mind that we have a younger audience as well.

lil poetry angel
12/13/2011 22:07

"A tale that the poet Ruckert told
To German children, in days of old;
Disguised in a random, rollicking rhyme
Like a merry mummer of ancient time,
And sent, in its English dress, to please
The little folk of the Christmas trees."

A Little fir grew in the midst of the wood
Contented and happy, as young trees should.
His body was straight and his boughs were clean;
And summer and winter the bountiful sheen
Of his needles bedecked him, from top to root,
In a beautiful, all-the-year, evergreen suit.

But a trouble came into his heart one day,
When he saw that the other trees were gay
In the wonderful raiment that summer weaves
Of manifold shapes and kinds of leaves:
He looked at his needles so stiff and small,
And thought that his dress was the poorest of all.
Then jealousy clouded the little tree's mind,
And he said to himself, "It was not very kind
"To give such an ugly old dress to a tree!
"If the fays of the forest would only ask me,
"I'd tell them how I should like to be dressed,
"In a garment of gold, to bedazzle the rest!"
So he fell asleep, but his dreams were bad.
When he woke in the morning, his heart was glad;
For every leaf that his boughs could hold
Was made of the brightest beaten gold.
I tell you, children, the tree was proud;
He was something above the common crowd;
And he tinkled his leaves, as if he would say
To a peddler who happened to pass that way,
"Just look at me! don't you think I am fine?
"And wouldn't you like such a dress as mine?"
"Oh, yes!" said the man, "and I really guess
I must fill my pack with your beautiful dress."
So he picked the golden leaves with care,
And left the little tree shivering there.

"Oh, why did I wish for golden leaves?"
The fir-tree said, "I forgot that thieves
"Would be sure to rob me in passing by.
"If the fairies would give me another try,
"I'd wish for something that cost much less,
"And be satisfied with glass for my dress!"
Then he fell asleep; and, just as before,
The fairies granted his wish once more.
When the night was gone, and the sun rose clear,
The tree was a crystal chandelier;
And it seemed, as he stood in the morning light,
That his branches were covered with jewels bright.
"Aha!" said the tree. "This is something great!"
And he held himself up, very proud and straight;
But a rude young wind through the forest dashed,
In a reckless temper, and quickly smashed
The delicate leaves. With a clashing sound
They broke into pieces and fell on the ground,
Like a silvery, shimmering shower of hail,
And the tree stood naked and bare to the gale.

Then his heart was sad; and he cried, "Alas
"For my beautiful leaves of shining glass!
"Perhaps I have made another mistake
"In choosing a dress so easy to break.
"If the fairies only would hear me again
"I'd ask them for something both pretty and plain:
"It wouldn't cost much to grant my request,
"In leaves of green lettuce I'd like to be dressed!"
By this time the fairies were laughing, I know;
But they gave him his wish in a second; and so
With leaves of green lettuce, all tender and sweet,
The tree was arrayed, from his head to his feet.
"I knew it!" he cried, "I was sure I could find
"The sort of a suit that would be to my mind.
"There's none of the trees has a prettier dress,
"And none as attractive as I am, I guess."
But a goat, who was taking an afternoon walk,
By chance overheard the fir-tree's talk.
So he came up close for a nearer view;
"My salad!" he bleated, "I think so too!
"You're the most attractive kind of a tree,
"And I want your leaves for my five-o'clock tea."
So he ate them all without saying grace,
And walked away with a grin on his face;
While the little tree stood in the twilight dim,
With never a leaf on a single limb.

Then he sighed and groaned; but his voice was weak
He was so ashamed that he could not speak.
He knew at last that he had been a fool,
To think of breaking the forest rule,
And choosing a dress himself to please,
Because he envied the other trees.
But it couldn't be helped, it was now too late,
He must make up his mind to a leafless fate!
So he let himself sink in a slumber deep,
But he moaned and he tossed in his troubled sleep,
Till the morning touched him with joyful beam,
And he woke to find it was all a dream.
For there in his evergreen dress he stood,
A pointed fir in the midst of the wood!
His branches were sweet with the balsam smell,
His needles were green when the white snow fell.
And always contented and happy was he,
The very best kind of a Christmas tree.

Aiden C.
12/13/2011 22:09

Your cute on the home page there..and u have hair kinda like marilyn monroe on the one...Im crazy haha :P
anyways, call me crazy, but I like lil sites like this.
just thought id compliment the site designer. u all must have professionals. how many work in your office>jw.

Yours Truly, Katie.
12/13/2011 22:11

Hmm, well I wouldn't say that lime green is very christmassy. I would think that either a regular green or an emerald green would work best. I'm more of a traditional person. I like red, gold, emerald green, silver for Christmas. But, if you wanted, you could try my red and gold nails I did a couple weeks back with the new colors you got.

12/13/2011 22:12

Im not a old cussing creep, I swear. I have lil girl of my own so I have found a way 2 control the crazy! lol
I am in love with the site and ive been on for only minutes! nice work!!!

Mindy Tail
12/13/2011 22:13

So i am visiting the penguins in antartica...in the zoo. lol
I spend my holidays in public places...dunno y. Its more fun to see the sites.

Willow washy
12/13/2011 22:14

isnt it great how close the holidays r?
I am thinking of submitting my nails, but they aren't too appealing. lol i have a weird taste in design. then again, we all do dont we...

Bertha is ME
12/13/2011 22:16

ehhh holidays. tasty fire, roaring hot coco...

bored child
12/13/2011 22:16

i am sure u ment that the other way...

Yours Truly, Katie.
12/13/2011 22:18

Thank you Aiden. And thanks for noticing my Marilyn Monroe hair attempt. :)

Thank you Catiri! I tried very hard on my nails. :)

There's only 11 days until Christmas!! Count them down!!

Bertha is ME
12/13/2011 22:18

my bad.

Nazi Warrior
12/13/2011 22:19

i am excited 4 christmas movies christmas eve. its fun :)

bored child
12/13/2011 22:20

quick~ think fast!
how long till christmas!

Nazi Warrior
12/13/2011 22:21

11 days, two hours, 40 minutes, and 13 seconds.

Aiden C.
12/13/2011 22:22

lol i was thinking it was natural and u straightened it in the one...but I missed that. How many peeps work with u?
Is it like an open job anywhere> not that i wannit lol jw. I wonder what its like working on a website

12/13/2011 22:24

omg omg iz lik so close 2 duh holidayz boy omg i am excited boy i wan my gifts now u no wa im sayin

bored child
12/13/2011 22:24

do u speak ur own language up there??

hannah stone
12/13/2011 22:26

lol i was on tumblr and this guys name was noobart and i was like omg..the spam one from our site!! ah! lol

Yours Truly, Katie.
12/13/2011 22:29

Well I don't have straightened hair in any of my pictures on here. My hair is naturally wavy/curly. I honestly don't know how many people work on this site, but I know it's a lot. Its extremely fun working on this site! I have awesome fans that help make the experience so much better than I planned this site to go.

12/13/2011 22:31


Ashley Pat
12/13/2011 22:35

ok katie, i have a project i hav to do and i want you to help me. its about people who work in online communities.
its an interveiw
first question: What is it like to be a part of an oline community?
Second: What do you think is better and why? Online communities or real life?
thired: What do you enjoy most about running/working on/in a website?
last: What are the ups and downs not only for you, but for your company?
thanks <#

Meghan Margarita
12/13/2011 22:36

I am holding you to the cherry blossum nails girly. :)

bored child
12/13/2011 22:37

aw. no one wants to intereiw me.

hannah stone
12/13/2011 22:38

bachelor number one: bored child!
what is ur fave color?
what is ur fave movie?
what r ur fave nails on this website?
who is ur fave celeb?
what is ur fave animal?

Yours Truly, Katie.
12/13/2011 22:39

Ashley, I would love to help you, but I'm not suppose to answer those types of questions.

bored chil
12/13/2011 22:40

The Help
i like all of em
Taylor L or Justin Beiber. Taylor is hot and Justin is easy to make fun of.
I like two animals: Panthers and Gingers.

Yours Truly, Katie.
12/13/2011 22:41

Meghan, I will definitely be doing those nails! Not sure when tho. I'm thinking close to spring. I like doing my nails with the seasons or holidays. :)

Ashley Pat
12/13/2011 22:41

awww! :(
Ok well ill just pretend i interveiwed u lol

Nazi Warrior
12/13/2011 22:41

gingers? XD hahahahahahaha lololololol

bored child
12/13/2011 22:42

NO! auto correct! curse you! I typed baby gorillas! ah!

Yours Truly, Katie.
12/13/2011 22:44

I'm sorry Ashley! Haha we can just pretend! :)

And you have to love autocorrect!!

Dana Jonese
12/13/2011 22:45

wat drama? eh rather not pry...lol.
i am headed to hawaii for christmas. it aint so cold down there lol

bored child
12/13/2011 22:46

lol yea ur right. it has a good sense of humor

X appeal
12/13/2011 22:48

hola senoritas!
como estas! lol im bffs with anither girl on here who said this was soooooooo cool...so hello.
drama? yuck lol.
christmas? stayin right here in washington waiting for even more snow!!

Delore Magnirr'e
12/13/2011 22:52

Je serai au Canada ... Je ne peux pas quitter la maison. :) Comme dans cette chanson version américaine: la maison pour les vacances

Briallire &lt;3
12/13/2011 22:53

a il a neigé encore là?

Delore Magnirr'e
12/13/2011 22:55

bien sûr! Il fait toujours froid, mais beau.

Yours Truly, Katie.
12/13/2011 22:56

I'm actually really upset that we haven't had really any snow here yet. Usually it would have snowed before thanksgiving! Stupid global warming I tell ya! Haha

Briallire &lt;3
12/13/2011 22:57

que c'est joli! avez-vous allume?

Delore Magnirr'e
12/13/2011 22:58

duh! Quel est un jour férié sans eux? rouge et vert! vous?

Briallire &lt;3
12/13/2011 23:00

Accrochez-vous Katie. La neige tombe bientôt. J'ai lumières blanches en place.

bored child
12/13/2011 23:01

global warming is a lie i tell you!

hannah stone
12/13/2011 23:01

how so?

bored child
12/13/2011 23:04

think about it.
its dumb. its hard 2 explain, but its all fake made by the government.
if we want to 'go green' then recycle. the end. dont promote crazy things

hannah stone
12/13/2011 23:04

lol alrighty i shall take ur word for it

lol princess
12/13/2011 23:05

where is the snow where i live! I will say the state: indiana. I see no snow outside!
-_- = grumpy face

Princess Seascape
12/13/2011 23:07

lol i ironicly appear each time near ur comments lol princess.
anyways I am sittin in an airplane to LA for christmas. weeehoooo!

Delore Magnirr'e
12/13/2011 23:07

Les blancs? Traditionnelle! :)

Yours Truly, Katie.
12/13/2011 23:08

I agree global warming is stupid, but we still get 60 degree weather in December! We usually have 20 degree weather from here on out until spring. Haha.

Briallire &lt;3
12/13/2011 23:09

je vous remercie! haha c'était une idée de ma mère. Je voulais bleu et argent.

bored child
12/13/2011 23:09

thats jus because once every 50 years the earth gets closer to the sun, and this year (in seasonal time) iz the first set in a while

Aiden C.
12/13/2011 23:10

that many? u all r sum lucky people :)

bored child
12/13/2011 23:11

scary moment #983 =
when you turn up your volume to find out burl ives is singing in the utter silence o.O

Nazi Warrior
12/13/2011 23:12

lol ur an idiot bored ;P
i luv ya 4 it

hannah stone
12/13/2011 23:13

anyone know good christmas nails i can do?

bored child
12/13/2011 23:13

red and green nails. claaaasssiiicccc

X appeal
12/13/2011 23:14

ask katie

Nazi Warrior
12/13/2011 23:14

r u good? make trees! or ornaments

Briallire &lt;3
12/13/2011 23:15

Essayez de faire votre propre design. Rendre unique, de sorte qu'il crie ton nom.

12/13/2011 23:17

uh, well if you are good you can make snow flakes, but intricate ones with toothpicks.
do u use toothpicks katie?

Yours Truly, Katie.
12/13/2011 23:18

Why are they lucky Aiden?

And once my new nails are up, which will be in a short bit, you can try them! They are simple, as long as you can make straight lines. :)

Yours Truly, Katie.
12/13/2011 23:19

I use toothpicks for some designs. Unless I have the design brush polishes.

Retina Marjarrer
12/13/2011 23:23

man! i hav been gone for sum time lol
oohhhh i read the comments
god i missed a lot...
but i have a question: I was in the store and I noticed how some polish is so expensive and the rest is a measly 99 cents. I decided to buy one high dollar blue and a 99 cent purple. Now, i tried both of these and i dont even see a difference! Do you know why some polish is more expensive? Is it because of the brands? FOr instance i have so much china glaze...why is it so expensive though? Just curious lol

Retina Marjarrer
12/13/2011 23:24

And i now am going to use enlish slang. i am learning, that is why i have been gone :)

Bored child
12/13/2011 23:26

barley a flaw! nice job retina

Liarre Pizzarnta
12/13/2011 23:28

Katie, avez-vous un brillant vert? vous devriez faire les ongles de houx, ou des clous présent. En Katie nous faisons confiance!

Yours Truly, Katie.
12/13/2011 23:30

I honestly don't see a difference in high dollar polishes and low dollar polishes. I think they just charge more because of the brand. You always pay more for brand name things. Like American Eagle jeans, or Walmart jeans. It's all about the brand. But I do love China Glaze polishes!

12/13/2011 23:31


Retina Marjarrer
12/13/2011 23:33

thank you katie. I agree with a the statement! Money is such a tool now a days.

bored child
12/13/2011 23:33


hannah stone
12/13/2011 23:34

make a snowman 4 me pweeeez lol

bored child
12/13/2011 23:34

snow man! SNOW MAN NAILS! Katie you should do those! have you before?

Yours Truly, Katie.
12/13/2011 23:36

Once you get the amount of snow you want, send the rest my way please!! And yes, money seems to be everything these days. You pretty much can't do anything without having to spend a dime! It's ridiculous!

Yours Truly, Katie.
12/13/2011 23:37

Snowman nails have been on my mind for a few weeks, though they would be highly similar to my snowflake nails.

Ashley Pat
12/13/2011 23:38

so were your nails?
what time will they be on?

Yours Truly, Katie.
12/13/2011 23:40

Hopefully they will be up in the next hour or so. Internet is being very slow.

12/13/2011 23:41

will do! lol well goodbye to thee, my neighbors and i r going to run in the snow. its sticking fast!!!!!

Ashley Pat
12/13/2011 23:41

alright ;)

Valerie Dare
12/13/2011 23:46

when i saw the tittle it freaked me out lol lol lol
well i read the convo above me, and I am jealous! i want snow, but it dont snow in florida

Cherry Pie
12/13/2011 23:47


bored child
12/13/2011 23:52

y am i tired? o well. nigh night untill tmrrw i shall see those sweet nails lol

Lovely Kenzie
12/14/2011 00:15

Update: The nails are now open for veiwing. Enjoy them. BOTH. ;)

Cherry Pie
12/14/2011 00:16

Both are lovely!!!!!!! OMG! THOSE HATS ARE ADORABLE! Shoosh im doin them right now then! brb~

X appeal
12/14/2011 00:17

I love the buckles. Those r winners! what make u come up with these ideas btw?

bored child
12/14/2011 00:19

hold the phone the nails r up! u hav outdone urself!! omg!!! look at those adorable hatz! the buckless like steeeel the show.

goonight again :)

Yours Truly, Katie.
12/14/2011 00:19

Thank you! I'm not happy with the santa hats, which is why i redid them. :) And I guess I just brainstorm until I come up with something I like.

hannah stone
12/14/2011 00:23

hashtag winning! lol

12/14/2011 00:31

katie, have you heard of brain dumping your nails? its nail art that goes off the nails and continues to the wrist. have u ever tried?
lol and its a treat to have 2 nailz

Nazi Warrior
12/14/2011 00:37

incredible nails! omg omg!

12/14/2011 00:41

for your age, your incredible!!!! I am stunned!
you need a job with this skill, no matter the pay.
this is your calling, and we are all here behind the website telling you :)
I have that feeling you need an extra push from a rough time in life. Get a job at a nail salon :) I'd come every week!!

Yours Truly, Katie.
12/14/2011 00:50

Why thank you! I wanted to be a cosmetologist, but there are so many out there already! Plus I don't really think that I have quite that amount of talent to work in a nail salon. Thank you though!

12/14/2011 10:50

I don't car how many lol I still think you would be them all out

Bored child
12/14/2011 10:52

I bought nail polish, and it was expensive, but it sucks!!
It's twelve dollar orange and it's so clumpy and thick.
:( wat can I do?

12/14/2011 10:53

I put my polish in the fridge lol.
It helps

Bored child
12/14/2011 10:54

I did that.

Hannah stone
12/14/2011 10:55

Rime to return the polish then lol
Katie might have advice.

12/14/2011 10:56

It happened 2 me one time.
I just bought more. Bad bottle luck lol

Yours Truly, Katie.
12/14/2011 12:35

You can try to add polish thinner to it and shake it up really good. Or if you don't have that, try a little bit of nail polish remover, but be careful! If you add too much, it could destroy the color.

bored child
12/14/2011 17:42

it worked!!!!
yay, money saved~

12/14/2011 17:43

lol Katie, nail polish and finance advisor.

Briallire &lt;3
12/14/2011 17:46

Tristes nouvelles: Il est coutume pour les ressortissants français à avoir no acseses internet pendant les vacances. Je ne vais pas être en mesure de visiter le site. Épargnez-moi! lol:)

hannah stone
12/14/2011 17:50

buhbye briallire :)

bored child
12/14/2011 17:50

atleast iz not forever

Delore Magnirr'e
12/14/2011 17:53

Même que Briallire. Je dois dire adieu. au revoir

12/14/2011 17:54

update: we have 7 inches of snow, and its still pouring down!

bored child
12/14/2011 17:56

oh wait u all dont live by me....lol BUT ITS SNOW FLURRYING AND STICKING!!

hannah stone
12/14/2011 17:58

ironic!!!! It was snowing early today at my house and we have about one inch :) ah happy day :)
but its rainy and cold...and its icing over. If i dont comment the power is out lol

Bertha is ME
12/14/2011 18:00

just flurries by me. simple lil ones, but they r sticking..and then there is freezin rainn and like 10 degree weather! lol

12/14/2011 18:00

it be jus cold by me omg u all so lucky omg lol yo.

bored child
12/14/2011 18:02


Yours Truly, Katie.
12/14/2011 18:02

Bye my French friends! Happy holidays until I hear from you again! Be safe!

All we have is rain and tornado weather here! And yes, I'm poor so I'm a money saver. Haha

12/14/2011 18:08

It has barley snowed here...but we have three or four cm here...my daughter Marianna was freaking out. oh the joy of babies :)

12/14/2011 18:13

Aw poor katie :( no snow?

Yours Truly, Katie.
12/14/2011 18:25

What a beautiful name! And no, we've had no snow this season at all so far and it's highly unusual. All we are getting is warm weather and rain. I hate warm weather. I love rain, but I want snow!

12/14/2011 18:45

Ah! Thanks! My husband rather name her Lillis or Antigone (an tig oh nee), but marianna is a good name:)
lol and kaitlyn was my third choice. Its close to katie...

12/14/2011 18:55

eh. life gets better, snow will fall soon! they think it will be so awful in january everywhere in america...sorry paris goers

X appeal
12/14/2011 18:59

I am so ready for holidays....and i submitted nails!
they r kinda christmassy...lol

12/14/2011 19:07

i submitted some too:)
I have xpeirience by age...lol

Yours Truly, Katie.
12/14/2011 19:22

Well, my real name is Kaitlyn, but I go by Katie. Lovely Kenzie is working on putting your submissions up on the site now!

Tasty Orange
12/14/2011 19:26

woah..i wanna so cool nails like that! omg!

12/14/2011 19:28

REALLY? I love that name! Adorable you lucky girl! Im also fond of my name lol its unique. I hav never met another Catiri...that was white at least lololol!!

bored child
12/14/2011 19:30

Ok, i need to submitt my nails right now. lol!

This is Nathan!
12/14/2011 20:15

woah i saw the nails on google and did a lil reading up on the web about this website.
haha I like how imma dude...
well i would tell u how pretty u r but my gf is with me...
well she wants me to paint her nails, (i dont back down on a dare) and she wont get off my computer because she is too obsessed with this site!
haha nice nails, u have good art dude.

Yours Truly, Katie.
12/14/2011 20:23

Thank you Catiri! You are the only one I know of with that name! :)

And thank you Nathan. :)

12/14/2011 20:52

hey..im nathan's gf...funny i didnt wanna comment but i think that this website iz goin 4 somethin good lol...
wow im cool, sittin at my bf's house lookin at a nail art site while watchin saw.

cherry pie
12/14/2011 20:52

too scaryyy!!!!

Yours Truly, Katie.
12/14/2011 21:00

Haha I've never seen any of the Saw movies. I heard they aren't scary, just gory. Anywho, welcome to the site. :)

X appeal
12/14/2011 21:43

Its snowing outside!!!massachusetts has snow!!!!

12/14/2011 21:44

I submitted nails...i just emailed...i didnt have to do a survey or anything right? lol...

Lovely Kenzie
12/14/2011 21:48

haha no no, I recieved your email. Beautiful nail design, but the image is blury. Can you photgraph it again? Thanks Maybella.

bored child
12/14/2011 22:19

ok dont freak, i am making a facebook!! :) lol
lol i am likin the page first thing...

Yours Truly, Katie.
12/14/2011 22:30

Haha thank you bored child!

bored child
12/14/2011 22:43

its takin time to make this fb! geez!

Yours Truly, Katie.
12/15/2011 00:04

Bored child, I have sent you a friend request on facebook. :)

bored child
12/15/2011 18:41

lol now we r like close!!
lol ever1 friend me...if you can find me ;)

12/15/2011 18:50

lol so i hav a questionn
I was painting my nails, and i noticed that my rish was shedding, and i jus bought it.
like lil black hairs off the brush shed all over my new polish. growl.
what can i do...or do i need to buy a spare bruc=sh?
its a weird question lol but if u can answer that b great.

hannah stone
12/15/2011 18:51

bruc=sh...whats that?

12/15/2011 18:51

i mean brush!!! lol

Yours Truly, Katie.
12/15/2011 19:04

Well, I've had this problem before, but it was when I a little girl and the nail polish was FOR little girls so it was cheap. I haven't had a problem with it since I was little though. But if you can, I would try cleaning off the brush and and see if you can pull off any excess that comes out. Just like when you shed hair, you try to get the rest of the loose hairs out. I hope that helps!

12/15/2011 19:44

lol well i did and all the lil fibers came out....heh..
to walmart! I need more geen polish!

Yours Truly, Katie.
12/15/2011 20:30

I'm sorry! You could use a paint brush or an old makeup brush as a sustitute! Haha

Always Ablyssia
12/16/2011 01:29

why helllllo katie.
Perhaps you know who I am?

bored child
12/16/2011 01:33

hola ablyssia.

Yours Truly, Katie.
12/16/2011 02:39

Of course I know who you are! Welcome!

Alright folks, I have made a tumblr for Nailed to Polish.


Hope you all will enjoy it!

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