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Hello everyone lucky enough to pass by my blog! I am katie, just a typical teen with incredible and exciting ideas for the future. The future of your nails I mean.
I have always loved to paint nails, and all the designs on my Nail Gallery are made by me, and I am not assisted by anyone. So, just to see what i'm dealing with, if you could leave comment with your name and email, that would be great! Tell me about yourself, and also what you would like to see me do with my nails.
Here are extra facts about me:
I love good grammar, its quite important.
I like china glaze, one of the best polishes around
I am not too techy, but I can turn on a computer if my life needed it.
I am facinated in guys that actually care,
and if you want to know more, Why not follow me on tumblr?
here is my link: http://ktp93.tumblr.com/
Thanks again! Comment!
hannah stone
11/08/2011 23:43

hey you hav really cool bumble bee nailz can you make vid tutorials? nice cite btw

andy morinth
11/08/2011 23:46

i like your picture on the home page. Is that you? niceee. i'm 12. hit meh up.

11/08/2011 23:48

Andy your a dumbass clearly this person is way out of your league. i dun even know you and i can jus tell.

Justin Maybell
11/08/2011 23:51

I really am in love with your blog! I love your nails, zebra one bein my fave, and i am just telling you how pleased I am with the layout of the website itself. Is that your picture on the home page? How lovley! You are a true ambitious young woman if you went through all this trouble to make a nail website! Do you have a salon buisness?

Crissa S.
11/08/2011 23:53

Haha i like the nail video tutorial u put up. I didnt even know what nail marbling was! and justin maybell u sound gay

Alyssia Xavad
11/08/2011 23:53

Woah, nailed to polish, so intense!

Macky Kavanaugh
11/08/2011 23:54

I am liking thy site!

Zoe :)
11/08/2011 23:57

cute site! im 16 and im from chicago...HOW DID YOU DO DA BUMBLE BEE NAILS?

11/08/2011 23:58

can you do Xmas nails and stuff? Like gifts and trees and thee whole shitbang?

11/09/2011 00:00

can u do Xmas nails

samanthy claire and maya
11/09/2011 00:02

heyyyy we r at a sleepover and paintin nails so we are doing the zebra nails, so cool dude!
claire set this as her home page LMAO lol

11/09/2011 00:03

how in the world did you make the perfect bumble bee? what color products do you use?

11/09/2011 00:04

yo girl this be cool site how you make dem nail thinggs with zebraz

lol princess
11/09/2011 00:05


Tiana Marie Geraldem
11/09/2011 00:08

Evening to you.
ideas: bows, animals, lips, snowflakes, autumn trees, cats, dogs, flowers, weather (raindrops on 1 nail an then sunshine on thee next), presents, and new york buildings.
i like the URL

veronica kaemterlyn
11/09/2011 00:09

agreein w/ tiana

Bonbon Cherri
11/09/2011 00:12

bonjour! J'aime votre site web. J'ai été sur un site américain et ensuite ce module avait montré contre Google. Peut-être peindre vos ongles avec des plumes de paon!

bored child
11/09/2011 00:13

what did that kid say?

Mianndi Veveberre
11/09/2011 00:14

site cool! Je suis en amour! les ongles avec des dindes

bored child
11/09/2011 00:15

ok end the retard language. speak english or leave.

Mrs. America (:
11/09/2011 00:19

They are speaking french you twit. The first girl said Hello! I love your website. I was on a U.S. site and then this module showed against Google. Maybe paint your nails with peacock feathers
google translate.
next girl said
cool site! I am in love I like the nail I like turkeys
we need better translators in life.
anyways i <3 ur nails so much!
You need to put more of them. NOW.

11/09/2011 00:21

Je suis en amour! les ongles avec des dindes means I like your nails put turkeys on them. Thank god for french class.

Quitters are Choosers
11/09/2011 00:22

Can you make nail tutorials? It'll help with fanz

brianna Marfinique
11/09/2011 00:24

im 14
love painting nails
ive seen better blogs
only likes bumblebee nails
hatez good grammar
likes techy stuff

the end.

Lexia Veil
11/09/2011 00:26

ok shortstop, i am a nail artist at my school an they call me crazy hands. i challeng u 2 a deul. I can draw anything with my eyes closed!

Nathan Hamnok
11/09/2011 00:29

lexia veil cool the fudge down.
Hello sweet little thing. I'm nathan, age 22, gay, occupied with a boyfriend, and o how i love to see girls paint their nails with fruit. Its such a feminine thing. Like pink, do pink nails please, my bf ralph and i would like luv you forever please? we wear nail polish, particulary rainbow for our pride :D

Sherri Calay-rie
11/09/2011 00:31

Pouvez-vous nous raconter votre pays? êtes-vous à partir du Canada aussi bien que moi? Crédits à vous. Nice, chouchou des ongles

Regina (popstarttart)
11/09/2011 00:37

I love zebras keep up the good work btw lol

Lexia Veil
11/09/2011 00:43

still better than me? iuploaded nails with RED tips. yuhuh. u heard me. RED TIPS! SUCK IT!

Nathan Hamnok
11/09/2011 00:45

Lexia, no one even knows were ur website page is honey bunny. Cool off and leave us alone. Congradulations on the red tips btw <3

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/09/2011 01:08

If you think you're better than me, then that makes you low. I'm not on here for challenges. That ruins the the art of this. Thank you guys! I never expected to get so many comments! :)

karli Yazmy
11/09/2011 08:04

Nice site! I like it!

Cally :3
11/09/2011 08:25

Hey! can u make nails with marbled colors? Blue pink and white? thanks!

Genereia Na-mondre
11/09/2011 21:22

Pouvez-vous nous enseigner l'art de la conception d'ongle svp ? Je suis très intéressé par vos ongles de zèbre, et nous tous faisons des erreurs tellement un peu de la peinture sur les doigts est très bien ! Montrez-nous que quelques ongles de Noël satisfont !

Valaria Benerdia
11/09/2011 21:24

chéri, quel site Web gentil !

Tory Green
11/09/2011 21:26

I just saw this add on the side of google. This has nothing to do with what i was lookin up but i creeped around n i love the site! Its cool, and it has potential.

Papyrus Bandi
11/09/2011 21:28

Hey, papyeus here, 18, from Florida. Maybe you can draw nails with states? Sounds crazy but its an idea. cute cute cute web design.

Lexia Veil
11/09/2011 21:33

Everyone, I am taking classes called art classes and i am learning to paint. BAM SHUZAYUM. BLUE tips and GREEN nails and a red dot in THE MIDDLE. YEAH. THATS RIGHT.

The donut role
11/09/2011 21:34

Cool web. Bad english, french translator. I like design and nails. Pretty girl you are. I do like nail polish.

Princess Seascape
11/09/2011 21:36

I can't draw such cool bumblebees! How do you make a website!!! I need one! And lexia please stop if you don't like the site stop creepin.
nice site girl

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/09/2011 21:56

Thanks guys! I wasn't necessarily proud of the bumblebee, but thank you! I hope this website keeps getting more popular! I do my nails about once a week, so there should be more pictures around that time! :)

Lexia Veil
11/09/2011 22:07


Nani Bere-re
11/09/2011 22:08

Nice site. lexia veil, veuillez quitter son seul. vous n'êtes pas cool.

Crissa S.
11/09/2011 22:12

I love you katie! Your nails and blog is so hiddenly inspirational, I am excited for this to become viral!

Yours Truly, Katie.
11/09/2011 22:13

Alright folks, this is going to be very rude. Lexia shut the fuck up or get the fuck out. If you're here to start crap, then go find some other poor, unfortunate soul to bully. I will not tolerate your crap. K'thanks bye!

bored child
11/09/2011 22:15

That right there was better than porn!

Nioming Vget
11/09/2011 22:15

Finally. Thanks, that girl was bugging me so much i Didn't want to comment :)

Macky Kavanaugh
11/09/2011 22:17

priceless :)

Lexia Veil
11/09/2011 22:20

You listen good. I can draw A BLUE BACKGROUND WITH WHITE POLKA DOTS AND LIGHT GREEN DOTS. YOU are JEALOUS! Cannya all not see she is mad about my skill! i BET the girl on the home screen isnt her! ITS AND OLD MAN TRYING TO GET OUT ATTENTION. LEAVE YOU CREEP!

Bertha is ME
11/09/2011 22:20

Lol the site looks like a sweet little log cabin :)

Macky Kavanaugh
11/09/2011 22:22

Ok listen here, leave. YOU are the creeper here. Good day sir!

Your Truly, Katie.
11/09/2011 22:26

Honey, if I was a creeper, then I obviously wouldn't have more than one picture of the same person or the same fingers. Sounds like you have some growing up to do, little girl or boy. Whatever you claim to be.

Crisstiyma Verbuionshcult
11/09/2011 22:28

Elle ne vaut pas ni votre temps amour.

Dana Jonese
11/09/2011 22:31

Please tell me that you can do two things:
one, draw christmas nails and
two: block that retard

Your Truly, Katie.
11/09/2011 22:33

@Dana: Yes I certainly can do Christmas nails. And I most certainly blocked her. :)

Dana Jonese
11/09/2011 22:46

Haha thats good, I'm excited to see holiday nails! Also thanks, she was really freaking us all out.

Caden Lee
11/14/2011 22:43

Cute!Cute!Cute! I like all your nail posts so far you should attempt like a snowman, penguin or pointsetta for the winter holidays coming up!

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