Hey guys! Its been a pretty slow week for me...what about you? Well, while the real world has been slow, the world of nailed to polish is waiting for you!
Maybe you took notice to the extra page titled spotlight? No? Well then maybe the title of the blog?
We are introducing a new feature where you are the 2 week star or of nailed to polish, and you get to call the shots on your very own page! Now, how do you become the star? comment! Its not who has the most comments, but the order matters. I, Lovely Kenzie, will use a number generator and pick a number from it! Then, for instance, if you are comment number 25, you have won! Sounds cool right?
You know what else is cool? The new nails in Katie's nail gallery! We are talking peacock nail designs to look like feathers! Maybe you should try and submit your nails to our fan art page...
On the subject...please no more fake art. I have about had it with google nails guys.
Well, say hello to our youtube channel as well! Look up NailedToPolish and subscribe!
Well then, tata for now!


Retina Marjarrer
01/10/2012 23:38

Quel bel oiseau. Peacock hommes sont ceux de toutes les couleurs! Quoi qu'il en soit, je souhaite que je pourrais être la star de la semaine. Comment palpitante! haha

Briallire <3
01/10/2012 23:41

Je suis d'accord. Ce serait bien de gagner.
Paons sont mes animaux seconde préférée ... Mon premier est un aigle.
Eh bien j'ai une question
pouvez polir fondre?

Retina Marjarer
01/10/2012 23:43

Eh bien je pense qu'il peut .... bonne Katie?

Yours Truly, Katie.
01/11/2012 00:41

Sorry, my internet was acting up. I have never heard of nail polish melting. So hopefully that won't happen, unless it is in extreme heat. Such as 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Drindai Autona
01/10/2012 23:46

L'amour des ongles! Je suis jaloux! J'ai besoin de compétences à ongles!

Yours Truly, Katie.
01/11/2012 00:43

I'm actually not happy with these, but I liked the idea. Thank you, it took a lot of practice to gain a skill point in this field.

Tremme Werina
01/10/2012 23:47

attendre ... c'est trop calme ...

Drindai Autona
01/10/2012 23:48

Les Américains! Où sont-ils!

Briallire <3
01/10/2012 23:49

qui sait! McDonalds!

Retina Marjarer
01/10/2012 23:54

ok haha qui a été très très drôle!

Tremme Werina
01/10/2012 23:55

haha Peut-être qu'ils sont dans un sommeil profond

Nazi Warrior
01/10/2012 23:56

STAR? that needs 2 be me lol!

Retina Marjarer
01/10/2012 23:57

oh, ils arrivent

Briallire <3
01/11/2012 00:10

Je ne sais pas ... il peut juste être une semaine internet mauvais. plus son retard là-bas.

Nazi Warrior
01/11/2012 00:11

well...therr is a power spat...world wide wfifs often giv outt...mine did....

Yours Truly, Katie.
01/11/2012 00:47

My wifi gave out on me tonight, so I had to wait to get on the computer to reply to you all. I'm terribly sorry! Hopefully it will be fixed soon. Also, on a side note, what suggestions do you have for birthday nails? My birthday is next Friday and I have no clue what I want my nails to look like. I was thinking cupcakes but not too sure how well they will turn out. Suggestions, please?

Hannah stone
01/11/2012 08:01

Wweelll u could like use yellow at the bottom and a fluffy pink color at the top an add dots fer sprinlez n the a red cherry

Bored child
01/11/2012 08:09

Lol well u could try like a basic rainbow....white base...red blue n yellow going across n the thumb n pinky as the clouds....

01/11/2012 17:31

lol and dooo green nails, and make kiwi....or like watermelons r fruit...

Tasty Orange
01/11/2012 17:33


01/12/2012 20:20

I hav seen some cute polish youtube ideas...and her user name is rly cutepolish.......so....you could try to do her nails...like maybe a blue background (light) and a whit slant (can be bumpy) and then like a few dark line and green on top of em to maker treeez...like trees on a snowy hill...and then use a toothpick fer dotting little snow flurriez....i wanna see if anyone can do it...i couldnt lol

Bored Child
01/12/2012 21:05


01/12/2012 21:05

...wat r u doing?

Bored Child
01/12/2012 21:06

upping my chances. lol

01/12/2012 21:07

wuz lyk born 2 be a starrr!!!
lol do star nails fer the new webpage lolololol

Yours Truly, Katie.
01/12/2012 22:15

We have decided that we will find out the winner on Monday, so that way they have time to choose what they want on their page. :)

bored child
01/15/2012 00:04


01/15/2012 00:16

lol im tempted 2 spam the wall and say
but imma be fair lol

01/15/2012 00:04

winner standing right here!!!!
and i hav a nail idea...so i saw thiz thing bout living your life on tv and the girl had nail art and on each nail was something that represented her....give itta go?

Tasty Orange
01/15/2012 00:07


01/15/2012 00:08

Thats it!!!!! her nails were so cool!
fyi it was some speaker, not mariah with da cool nails. haha

Yours Truly, Katie.
01/15/2012 02:19

Might I ask what this speaker's name is called? I would like to check out those nails! :)

Briallire <3
01/15/2012 00:05

haha bien si je gagne, je vais le traduire tous à l'anglais.

Drindai Autona
01/15/2012 00:06

bonne idée. haha personne ne va copier et le coller. les gens sont paresseux maintenant quelques jours.

01/15/2012 00:10

hmm well my bday iz comin up and i hav such a cute bday nail idea for myself!!!!!!!
i luv chocolate cake so im doing half of my nail a chocolate color, a bitta white on the tip of the nail, (the plate) a color on it fer icin, and then a few candles!!!! CUTE RIGHT>

lol princess
01/15/2012 00:12

omg thaz so cute! my bday is in january too! itz the 17th!!!!!!!! :)
and i wanna be the winner so bad....i like ta win..and tah hav a page about ME? :)

01/15/2012 00:12

woah, sweeeeet

lil poetry angel
01/15/2012 00:15

Winning is the science of being totally prepared.
and yes....i am readdy -_-

Yours Truly, Katie.
01/15/2012 00:32

Wow! I'm glad you all are excited about this! And it looks like we have a few birthdays around the corner!! I was thinking about cupcakes on my nails, but that depends on how I'm feeling about it when I do my nails!

Yours Truly, Katie.
01/15/2012 13:04

Today is you're last day to comment before we do the drawing!! Good luck to everyone!!! :)

bored child
01/15/2012 18:43

I wanna win!!!!!!

01/15/2012 18:44

make me a winner!
haha and i hav a nail idea...do ipods i saw em on google!!!!

Lovely Kenzie
01/15/2012 19:15

hello everyone! Comment number 18 takes the gold!
Bored child, we congradulate you!!
Email mackybackup@gmail.com and send us the details to what you want your page to look like!

Bored Child
01/15/2012 19:17

I just came on here to see if i you picked someone!!!!!! its me!!!! its meeeeeee!!!!!!!
i'm emailin u!!!!! ahhhh!!!! :DDDD

Yours Truly, Katie.
01/16/2012 23:35

Nails are up! I think I might do them again later on this week! :) Enjoy!

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